Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wild At Heart

Our son is 24 years old today. I was told when he was a toddler not to blink – that he would be grown if I did. I blinked.

I love how women recount childbirth stories like men recount their best hunting adventure ever. I went into labor with him about 11 P.M. after we had gone to bed. Since labor was 18 hours with our then-4 year old, I decided to let everyone sleep until I was in serious labor. When I awakened Builderman an hour later, it took some convincing for him to understand that we needed to waste no time in getting to the hospital. I was in transition labor in the car! The labor and delivery were swift; I really didn’t have time to think about much more than the fact this baby was coming fast. He was born at 3:02 am, 9 lbs 7.4 oz and 22 inches long.

He has always been a pleasure. Adventurous is his middle name. He didn’t like team sports much when he was younger- he was much more interested in “extreme sports.” He started with skateboarding and went on to surfing, wakeboarding, motorcycle riding, rock climbing, body building and just returned from snowboarding in Colorado. He’s a firefighter in his work hours.

When he and his bride were engaged, she bought him the book “Wild at Heart” by Steve Eldridge. I read it and it strengthened my heart to know how well his wife understands him.

Look what happened when I blinked…


My ADHD Me said...

WOW!! I need to stop blinking because it is happening here.
Both of those pictures are great!
He's VERY handsome.

Sylane Mack said...

Oh, Beverly!! Happy Birthday to your son! Love the pictures! I blinked too! My beautiful and crazy-loved daughters are now 25 and almost 23! I actually came by your blog because after posting I visited I Throw Like A Girl! I thought I should ask you (or maybe your mother)for some great suggestions for eye cream products!! Carol is a dear friend, and she has definitely been blessed with a beautiful and veeeeeery young looking face! I still love her even so!

Greg C said...

That was fast. And all you did was blink? I am holding my eyes open here and not blinking. Mine are growing up so fast.

Krista said...

totally awesome. Thanks for sharing. He's definitely a cutie. I bet all the years in between were an adventure, too.

My son, my second, also came very fast and I barely made it to the hospital. I am so glad he came at 5pm on a Sunday and not on a Friday, otherwise he would have been born in the car!

I love how proud you are of your son. I hope to always be looking for opportunities to brag on my kids. Happy birthday to him, and to the one who brought him into the world!

Chatty Kelly said...

My baby starts kindergarten in September. It's not 24, but wow - it was still fast.

Happy Birthday to your son - who is a very handsome young man.

sara said...

I am trying so hard to keep my eyes open!! mine are almost gone!

Happy birthday to your son!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your son! What a blessed young man to have you for his mother!!

Angela Fehr said...

Lovely post - I'm in the midst of preschoolers these days - it's hard to imagine the "blink" metaphor!