Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things You Don't Need to Know

I've enjoyed reading numerous other people’s “25 Random Things” and I got tagged by the Seven Chicks for this. It was harder than I thought to give you things you're not likely to know about me, so these are indeed random.

1. I met my husband when I was 15 years old and he’s the only man I’ve ever been in love with. When we got engaged, we had just reunited from a break-up and were anxious to move ahead. We talked to my parents on the 4th of July and the wedding was Labor Day weekend. Looking back, I can’t believe I did that to my mom. : )

2. Hong Kong is one of the few places I’ve visited that I don’t want to return to. It’s really far and I didn’t care much for the congestion. I didn’t like the food at all. Glad I went- but one time was enough for me.
3. I rarely get really angry. But when I do…. Stand back, cause “Thar she blows!” As a natural peace-maker, I tend to stuff my frustrations until they just overflow. All at once.

4. When we got married, I drove a hideous red 1964 Mercury Comet. (That was in 1978). My parents believed I should work to buy my own car, and I’m telling you, it wasn’t much. Builderman thought it was a great car.
5. I love my Lexus RX300. When we bought it, I had to push really hard for it – Builderman thought a Ford Taurus would do nicely. Some things are worth fighting for. (I pick my battles carefully) He liked it so much that we now have 3 of them in our family. (No, he doesn’t drive one; he drives an F-250 truck.)6. I don’t think I ever spanked our children. It’s a good thing Builderman was good at discipline and order and rules. I think they would have turned out wonderful and well-mannered anyway, just from the osmosis of being with me. ; ) And I’m also known as Pollyanna.

7. I have burned more dinners than some people have ever cooked. I’m the queen of multi-tasking and don’t focus my attention like I should.

8. I’m a great cook. This is my family’s claim. I didn’t consider myself one because I don’t do gourmet and I have to have a recipe. I’m not creative and intuitive in the kitchen and I burn things. They say I’m a great cook because I cook everything from homemade pizza and yeast rolls to fresh vegetables to yummy cookies. I like to use fresh vegetables and make things from scratch. And I do have years of experience.

9. If you want a shopping companion who can justify almost any purchase, I’m your girl. As long as we’re indulging on someone else. I am not very indulgent when it comes to stuff for me. Is that the result of motherhood?

10. I rarely wear perfume. Builderman is very sensitive to smells. But when he commented about the lady of the house’s perfume from a home he was building, I called her to find out what she wears and went and bought Carolina Herrera perfume. He was embarrassed that I called that lady. I wasn’t. : )

11. I have entertained thoughts of being a foster parent and never spoken that out loud. So now I blogged it. What do you do with all the nurturing instinct that remains when you have an empty nest?

12. I have also entertained thoughts of running for public office. Since these 2 things are so compatible, right? This is actually more probable than number 11. And I’d have to be insane to run for office. I know that.

13. I am an auditory learner. If a speaker has an annoying voice, I have a real problem listening – especially on a CD or the radio. I also have trouble listening to an out -of-tune choir or soloist. It’s like fingernails on the chalkboard to me.

14. When I am concentrating on reading (in other words, engrossed by a good book), I totally tune out other conversations. You can be talking straight to me and I won’t hear you. Go figure.

15. My first job was cleaning silver in a jewelry store. Pretty things, awful job. I hate the smell of silver polish to this day. My second job was in a bakery; it smelled much better.

16. I really loved my part-time job at Selby Botanical Gardens while I was in high school. That job impacted my decision to major in ornamental horticulture at Univ. of FL. I’ve never worked in that field since. 17. I am an over-achiever. I was always obsessed with having As in school. Yet I was embarrassed when I was the valedictorian of my graduating class… probably because I was the principal’s daughter and I didn’t want people talking about me.

18. I can actually remember the turmoil when schools were de-segregated. It’s amazing to think how much has changed, and yet how much hasn’t changed when it comes to prejudice.

19. My drawers and my closet are never neat unless Cupcake goes in and organizes everything for me. (Which she does!) I can keep them that way for awhile and then… not so much.

20. I have always been really into vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies. Anyone at my house knows if they complain of an ache or pain, I have a natural remedy ready for the need.

21. Our youngest child did not have immunizations. Though my first 2 did, I felt strongly led not to go this route with her. It wasn’t easy on a lot of levels (like dealing with the school system) but I have always been confident in that decision.

22. I love to shop for designer clothes in consignment boutiques. It thrills me to pay $20 for something that retails for $150.

23. My favorite jeans are Calvin Klein. I have several pair and I didn’t pay retail for them!

24 I want to be a Hospice volunteer. I also want to continue to volunteer in a school, even though my kids are grown. There are just not enough hours in the day to do all I want to do!

25. I don’t have a goal to ever retire. I want to re-fire and keep on making a difference until I move to heaven. Since LouLou is 102, I might only be halfway through this pilgrimage!

Hurray for you if you’re not asleep by now! If you haven't done this and want to, Tag, you're it!


Ballerina Girl said...

Great 25!
I wear Carolina Herrera too...sometimes :)
I test drove that Lexus, but only the hybrid...when I move back to the States I would love to own that car!
ok, shopping complex? so not motherhood... and just you! well, maybe it could be motherhood, but motherhood did not affect my buying capabilities! haha
I really enjoyed learning about you! Thanks for sharing!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Wow, I actually didn't know a couple of those (the silver cleaning job explains why you don't like your sterling!)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

There was a story on the nightly news the other day about this 25 random things sweeping the nation.I did it a few day ago (before the news report)on my facebook page. I was part of a facebook phenomenon and didn't even know it (LOL)It is interesting to sit and ponder about all the silly random things about yourself!

Great randomness

Edie said...

What a great list Beverly! I've never met anyone who would like to run for public office before. Gee I feel like I know a celebrity now. LOL! So what office would you like to run for?

Anonymous said...

So you're soooo going to run for office. Give in!

Just think of all that free work you can get out of uncommonblonde! :-)

Sue said...

I really enjoyed reading those. It sounds like I would enjoy going shopping with you, and I'd love to go home with you for dinner! I am also an auditory learner -- ditto on the annoying voice thing. It is very convenient for language learning, though. Considering the fact that I am married to someone not fluent in my native language, I'd say it's a gift from God!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am always glad to get feedback when I share things about life in my adopted country.