Thursday, February 19, 2009

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker...

This is the wrap week in my review of the 4 Basic Personality types.

Deep. Intellectual. Artisitic. Organized. Moody.

The Melchanchoy, or Analytical as I prefer to call them, can be the toughest to spot because they are rather complex. Gary Smalley likens the Analytical to a beaver, who is busy, and a precise perfectionist. This is the friend who has the cans in her pantry in alphabetical order. She is usually very neatly put together. Analyticals tend to be rather reserved. They are excellent at finishing tasks.

As bloggers, these people are often quite funny. To quote Uncommon Blonde who describes it best: “I always try to be ladylike and polite which results in a running dialog in my mind of sarcasm, comebacks and uncommon stuff which I usually refrain from actually saying." So they blog it! I know Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee is Analytical as well. (Remember her obsession with the perfect gingerbread house? Gingervitis?) Humor is a saving grace for analyticals, as they naturally tend toward taking life quite seriously.

These friends aren't very spontaneous, they relish a well thought-out plan. They can be pessismists and tend toward irritability.

Careers you might find an analytical in are accounting, medicine, science or even as a principle musician in an orchestra. My husband is an excellent builder because of his attention to detail and demand for perfection.

Keep in mind, that a mature individual will normally have developed strengths from another personality’s profile in order to grow and be effective. A person’s weaknesses are apt to be more revealing of their personality type.

Our family of 5, which is now 7 soon to be 8, displays a gallery of the classic personality types. We LOVE to travel together and here’s how it works. Uncommon Blonde does in-depth planning and research to insure things go smoothly. Builderman takes responsibility and is in charge of independent forays and adventures that are legendary. Cupcake makes sure things are going her way satisfactorily and provides drama and entertainment. Fireman is flexible and up for anything, as long as you feed him. And me… I am laughing my way through thick and thin with the joy of knowing we’re together.

I’ve had fun reviewing the “LEAP Personality” material. Our differences keep life interesting and balanced. Repeat that 3 times and smile.


sara said...

this is my husband! :) Gotta love how he deals with an otter wife!

Merrie said...

Love this series. It is great to be reminded of these things and how our family works together. I have picked out everyone in our family and some I would believe are 100% 2 of them... like my husband is ALL leader and ALL analytical... it is a good thing that I'm "peaceful"!

Spring Fricks said...

Well, I may have found my personality type. This pretty much summed me up.

Thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my blog. "piercinly beautiful" is one of the greatest compliments my writing has ever received. It made my day.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, you are so sweet to reference my gingervitis fixation. I am, in fact, extremely analytical, which I did not know about myself until I was an adult and applied to grad school. George says he's never seen anyone say, "Wonder why ..." so often. My church hires according to (among other facets, of course) personality type within the department. So my highly analytical side makes me a good secretary-type person. The dreamers and influencers are more likely to be pastors and associates. Interesting stuff.

Greg C said...

I know you are so what am I? What did you say I was again? Something noble I bet. :)

Edie said...

This is me. If you've ever read (or listened to) the complete Narnia series, in "The Silver Chair" there is a character named Puddleglum. He is one of my favorite characters. He TOTALLY fits this personality type and I found I could relate to him.

I really enjoyed your personality series.