Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of Fluency, Fun and Fountains

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve introduced you to the Choleric (leader), the Phlegmatic (peaceful) and today you meet the Sanguine (expressive). Expressives are the social, fun-loving creatures; they love to talk and laugh and be around people. Expressives are full of hope, optimism and energy. Weaknesses can be lack of follow-through, disorganization and a tendency to waste time (talking!).

Oh mercy, this makes me think of one of our family gatherings… where the decibel level is astonishing as a room full of women compete for talk-time and multiple conversations run right over the top of each other. My husband (the analytical) has to go outside! I’m right in the middle of them, of course.

Typical jobs for Expressives would be public relations, personnel, teaching, radio or TV or sales.
Bloggers with this personality type would surely include BigMama and me. (Since I'm right in there in the same league. LOL) I'll tell you something about me though... my humor is not expressed very much in writing. But put me on a stage with a microphone in my hand and something happens that I can't explain.

I’ve mentioned animal comparisons, but if you were a structure or could be described as architecture what would you be? I have friends that are bridges, libraries, schools, cafes and hurricane shelters. I’m a fountain. I’d like to say I’m beautiful fountain like this:
But truth is, I’m out there with the kids.
Leave a comment and tell me what structure you would be!


Greg C said...

I found that out about my son last year. He never cuts up and he hates it when I do, but one day I turned the camera on him and he turned into a complete clown. I am not sure what is up with that.

My ADHD Me said...

Hmmm, that's funny.
I thought I heard you calling my name. lol

What structure would I be...I'm not sure but it would probably be leaning or falling over, as to BE a structure you probably NEED structure. (however, I do have some loose bricks laying around...)

Uncommon Blonde said...

I would want to be a palace. They are beautiful, fancy, classy and accomplished - all things I aspire to be :)

Edie said...

LOL! Ya gotta love that adhd-jo. :)

I never thought of myself as a structure before. Hmmm, I would have lots of rooms, indoor and outdoor. There would be lots of fun things to do, and some very quiet places to be alone. The quiet places would either be outside or have an incredible view. Oooo there would have to be a telescope in some of the rooms, and scripture everywhere.

Ok well, it could take days or even weeks for me to finish building my structure. If I was one of those two fountains, I would definetly be the kids fountain, and I would have fun tricking them so they wouldn't know when the water would spurt.

I'm a melancholy/choleric. End. :)

Melanie said...

The structure I would be is 2 fold or maybe 3 -
A beautiful library/research wing on one side and a teaching facility on the other. The wings would be connected by an outdoor garden w/water features and a bird & butterfly sanctuary Each wing would have a coffee bar and conversation areas.
Ooooh I can see it now!