Friday, February 27, 2009

Everyday Epiphanies - Week 1

Do you want to know the secret for living well? It’s understanding that your life can make a difference and acting upon that knowledge.

Imperfect action is better than
perfect inaction. ~Harry Truman

Thus my small gestures to show kindness intentionally everyday for 40 days have lifted my spirit and heightened my hearing. I feel like a musician listening carefully for the notes that are my cue to come in. I have a part to play. There’s a song in my heart. Come! You have a part too!

This week, I started by writing simple notes to people who have been on my mind and I haven’t taken the time to write. It didn’t cost me anything but a stamp. It has encouraged me to begin. I have things in mind I want to do in the coming week: dropping cookies by to a neighbor I haven’t seen in awhile, encouraging another neighbor with a small contribution to the charity she is working for… one day at a time. I want to be kinder and more aware of the people around me. I am using my calendar to make little notations of what I'm doing as a simplified diary.

Your thoughts, ideas and inspiration are like a gentle rain on my intentions. This is the first week of Everyday Epiphanies. You are welcome to link your post below or join me anytime during this quest.


Greg C said...

Those are some really great ideas. I think I will do the note one and also dropping in on a neighbor with cookies.

Krista said...

Great for you! These are great ideas.

I am finding that in the process of receiving so many blessings on the birth of my baby doll; writing so many thank you notes; and going thru the exercise of making baby announcements, that I am getting some good practice at those little niceties.

I am finding myself taking flowers to a sick friend; returning dinner dishes full with another meal; and purchasing notecards and extra stamps while I am already making those purchases for baby-related purposes.

It's a self-perpetuating cycle. I am glad to find myself on it.

Edie said...

These are great ideas Beverly. I think writing a note or sending an unexpected card is a great place to start.

plannerchick said...

Mrs. Bev, thanks for the great blog. I am copy catting you over at 7chicks!!! Hope you have a great day!