Friday, February 6, 2009

Fashion Friday – I’m No Frump

I’ll admit that if I had not given birth to two fun and fabulous fashion mavens, I might look like a frump. A fun frump, but still a frump. But no, I knew I would have a lifetime of free advice when my then 4-year old daughter remarked on an outfit, “You need to change that belt. It’s not appropriate with that.” She was right.

It was Uncommon Blonde who told me about Huggable Hangers. You really need these. I never knew I would care about hangers. But it’s really unsightly to walk around looking like you have growths on your shoulders from crummy hangers.

So when you’re at Target this weekend, spend $5 to try these. The hangers save space, keep your clothes from slipping off, and don't leave little hanger marks in the shoulders of your tops.

Now scoot on over to Big Mama’s Fashion Friday Fest and pick up as much advice as you can handle.


Greg C said...

I am sitting here reading this and Yes I have wings on my shirt. I wish Target was closer. Does anyone else have them?

Beverlydru said...

I don't like the ones at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have grooves that still leave a mark. Target's your best bet - cheapest too.

Uncommon Blonde said...

Greg - You can also order these on I just put all of my hubby's shirts on these and he's very happy to be free of his wings :)

Becky Vreugdenhil said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and I too love blog carnivals!

Chatty Kelly said...

Thanks for the tip.

Alesha said...

I had tried a set of these and fell in love with them, so I asked my mother-in-love for some more for Christmas.

She sent me a 72-piece set!!!!! I am in Huggable Hanger Heaven!!!

My closet (not to mention, my clothes) has never looked so good!!!


Spring Fricks said...

I can't stand the stretch marks from hangers in the shoulders of my shirts. I didn't know they made such a hanger. I'm gonna have to try it out.

Big Mama said...

I've never seen those! Thanks for the tip!