Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. With a speaking engagement this week and launching Everyday Epiphanies, I shouldn’t have been surprised that Monday and Tuesday I was hit with my arch-enemy: discouragement.

2. Cupcake is a sick kitten. I advised her to go to the doctor yesterday. It’s frustrating when your peeps live in another city and need mom.

3. I’ve been so frugal and I’m really tired of it. I think one good shopping trip would do me a lot of good. I’m just sayin’.

4. I’m ready for spring. I love warm weather and green grass. Thankfully, it’s around the corner in Florida. I can almost smell it- my nose is in the air.

5. Squall line updates: The legal saga with Cupcake’s old apartment complex is ongoing. I’ll celebrate when that is settled. My kooky neighbor that had reported that I snatched her dog apologized.

6. Squall line will be suspended during the 40 days of “Everyday Epiphanies”. I'll put the posts up on Fridays and you can link up throughout the weekend. I'm having fun already!

7. Thanks so much to Edie at Rich Gifts for helping me with the HTML code thingy that makes it simple to put the to put the pretty daffodil tag on your site. She’s a gem.

Jennifer at Conversion Diaries hosts 7 Quick Takes every Friday. She has a baby coming Monday, so she might take next week off, ya think?


Chatty Kelly said...

#3. I've been on shopping restrictions for a long time, because of the bad economy. Finally on Valentine's weekend I begged my man, please just one frugal trip!!! He said YES. I got 2 shirts, 2 prs of pants and 2 prs of shoes for $190. I was so happy!!!! Sometimes you just have to go shopping. :-)

Don't let the devil get you (or keep you) down! Tell him to go to h*ll, that's where he came from you know. pun intended. :-)

My ADHD Me said...

1. No discourage allowed!
2. Hope she feels better!
3. Me Too!
4. Me Too!! (but not in Florida)
5. Good & Good!
6. Having Fun? Hurray!
7. Yes, she is!!