Friday, January 25, 2008

No Regrets

We have entered the count-down days of my youngest child’s high school career. She has indeed made a career of it, and her activity level has been dizzying. I am planning the final banquet for the varsity cheerleaders, who just cheered their last game last night. Along with being in the midst of helping plan Project Graduation and pasting together memories for her senior page, there are lots of emotions moving through me.

One feeling is relief. I love working with the kids, but I suspect that teachers often think, “what is WITH these moms?!” I have had the “opportunity” to work with a toxic personality in my volunteer activities these past few years. Toxic people are my top pet peeve. I do not want their slime in my life. Not seeing this woman, hopefully EVER again will be a great relief. It has taken every ounce of diplomacy and patience within me to not react to her. I have never fought back but have gotten slimed regularly. I do not like confrontation, but have often thought, “Am I being a total wimp to let her run all over me and everyone else?” There have been 3 deterrents as I have secretly wanted to wring her neck and march off. One, I am reminded that we are the adults and supposed to be setting the example for our girls. Two, I never ever want to act like her. Three, I truly aspire to live by the law of kindness in all my dealings.

But is there a line? I know I didn’t cross it and I don’t have any regrets. Maybe that’s my answer. No regrets.

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Linda said...

Well, I think you reacted the right way, because you modeled for your daughter, and the other girls, how to react when you deal with the Toxics. They will always face toxic people, whether it's at their first jobs, or college, or whatever. I think you did great.