Saturday, January 19, 2008

Better than Chocolate

I think I like blogging better than chocolate. There are a number of reasons. First, the connections with people are fascinating. I never understood the whole Internet relationship thing. But I never knew that it could be about friendships & real communication, not to mention that it works with everyone’s schedule. That’s awesome.

Another thing I love about blogging is that no one edits my work. After years of writing for business and having every word edited by someone, it is total liberation to press the “publish” button without having to submit it to anyone for review. My work-related writing gets frustrating when I know that regardless of what I write, it will be changed. Sometimes it feels like the changes are purely for the sake of someone else having the last word, though surely that’s just my imagination! ; )
I’m free here… to be myself, to make mistakes or to nail it - however it may be. Thank you.

The last reason has to do with craftiness. I have never been inclined toward artsy endeavors, aside from music. Playing the piano is not something I can do in the same room if others are watching TV or something. People I know do scrap booking, knitting, or any number of interesting hobbies. So I have re-named blogging. We are word crafters. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't blog, but it really is a connection between people. I find myself more free to be myself in writing. Even though my degrees are in communication and I can speak publicly if need be, writing is really my favorite.

It's funny, I write a lot on seven chicks in all lower case on purpose for the same reasons you just stated. Because I can.

And I'm sure my writing is atrocious (like beginning this sentence with and), but I don't care. It's about sharing something that is real, not perfect. I could make it perfect, but I choose not to. I choose instead to write fast, and spend that extra thirty minutes with my toddler.

That's my motto for this year, "done, not perfect." Sounds like laziness, but I'm soooo type A it is a lesson I really need to take to heart.

I love your blog by the way. Keep it up. Where else could I write a book every night. Well, I guess my blog. Naaaa.