Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm a Lifer

I’m a lifer. A lifetime weight watcher, that is. Guess what? I gained weight over the holidays (along with most of America). However, since I am still accountable to someone, I have to get with the program and get it off. I started today. I am blogging about it so that I feel even more accountable. Day 1 was good. Check me on day 5! I can be hit and miss with self-discipline. I have always been health conscious and keenly interested in nutrition. But somehow, when I hit 40, I started gaining several pounds a year and before I knew it, I had 25 extra pounds that had appeared on my body. I was shocked one day when I went to buy some good pantyhose to wear to a wedding and read the size chart. Oh my gosh, the chart said I was queen size! I thought there had to be some mistake, but have you ever bought pantyhose that are too small? That is mistake you regret every moment until you get them off. So I bought my queen size hose for the first and last time and made a plan. I am happy to report that the Weight Watchers program does work. It has been almost 2 years since I got rid of that extra baggage and by weigh-in time, I will be back in line. It is amazing how mental the whole process is! I am talking to myself about loving veggies today. “The pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret”, I recite to myself. It’s easier to take off 4 pound than 25!! I should know.

Top Choices for “Legal” Food (Low points!)

1. Popcorn – Smart Pop. I can eat a whole bag!
2. Pickles (cucumbers are a vegetable, right?!)
3. Skinny Cows (Giant ice cream sandwich with only 2 points. Yum!)
4. Cottage cheese. If I can’t have much regular cheese this is a consolation prize.
5. Clementines. These are tangerines…. Very delicious and easy to eat.
6. Cantaloupe & strawberries. (Preferably together)
7. Weight Watchers’ Fudge Bars (A real bargain – just 1 point)
8. Sprouts. Make a pita sandwich look fat and they’re good!
9. 100 calorie pack cookies.
10. I need to think of more before I go grocery shopping.


Uncommon Blonde said...

Today must have been the day for many people. I got back into my 5:30 am gym routine today. Easier to do it now than get back into the habit of that extra hour of sleep!

A wife, a friend, and a nursing student said...

Oooh I love weight watchers! It is the only "diet" that has worked for me Thank you for sharing the 1 point foods. I am always trying to find foods that are one point.

photochick said...

I'm thinking of doing WW. I need to go ahead with the pregnancy thing so I'm not 80 with a newborn, but somehow managed NOT to loose after the last baby. Dumb, I know.

So that I don't have a panic attack over the whole thing, I'm thinking joining WW will give me accountability. And my doctor said that if I eat right and don't "starve diet" and loose weight while I'm pregnant, well, that just means I had weight to loose.

Who knows. In a parallel universe out there somewhere, I could get out of a pregnancy better off than I went in. Probably not. But I need a pipe dream!

Linda said...

I am a former WW meeting leader. I think it's the best program out there, hands down.