Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Mercies & Grits

I just finished a good novel called New Mercies. (Great title!) It was set in Natchez, Mississippi in 1933. A character who had recently moved to the South from Chicago quipped, “Why would you take a perfectly good ear of corn and make it into sand?”, referring to grits. I shared this with the lady behind the desk when I returned the book to the library and her response echoed mine. “Well, he obviously hasn’t it had it cooked right!” I love grits. I had some this morning as a treat to start Saturday off right. It is a true comfort food to me and to everyone in my family. If you haven’t ever had it “cooked right”, I’m the one to show you.

It’s a cold and rainy day in the South, but I am thankful for grits and good books and fellow bloggers who create fascinating reading material that is often better than fiction. I am discovering a lot of talented writers out there who now are published through the world of blogging. Gotta love it.

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