Monday, March 9, 2009

Every Monday Matters

This 3 minute movie by the folks at Simple Truths has given me an idea to incorporate into my 40 day journey with Everyday Epiphanies. I’ll let you know this Friday which one I chose and how it went. (Hint: It’s not blood donation. I think I’ve told you the Blood Mobile staff politely suggested there are other ways for me to make a difference.)


Greg C said...

I am with you on the giving blood. I used to give all the time but I turned chicken. I can see a few places where I can help. I have suggested to my boys that we volenteer at the food bank.

Edie said...

I love these ideas. Thanks for helping me focus and pray on ways I can do something kind for someone everyday. You are a blessing. :)

sara said...

this was a great video...thanks for sharing! I have only given blood once, for myself, but I may have to try and reconsider.