Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's All in the Name

Laughter, hugs, fun, encouragement, acceptance, stories without end, silly songs, unconditional love, a listening ear, advice, excursions, guidance, faith, prayers, a safe place, provision, blessing.

That's what I want to be for this little girl ... just for starters. As you know, I will become a grandmother this summer. What will this little gift in the body of a child call me?

I don't really want to be called Grandma, Memaw or Granny. (All are active in our family.) I called one of my grandmothers "Grandmother" and it was too formal. "Nanna" is already claimed by the other grandmother-to-be. When I was a child, I called LouLou "MuLou", my pronounciation of Mother Louise. She's been a perfect grandmother. This is one of my favorite photos with her. I'm the little blondie in footsie pajamas.

So you, my dear blog buddies are being called upon to help with this important decision that will affect the generations that follow. Really - I need your input. Here's my short list. Write-in votes are appreciated.

  1. Lovey

  2. Mimi

  3. Bebe

  4. Grandie (the problem with this one is a child will probably say Granny!)

  5. Write in - leave in the comments!


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Mocha with Linda said...


Or how about just waiting and seeing what the child does? My cousin's son loved to play with his grandmother's keys, and when he was just a tiny thing he started calling her Key. He's in his 30's, and he still calls her Key. She wouldn't trade it for anything, but she never would have chosen or even thought of it!

Sassy Granny ... said...

First let me say you don't much look like a grandma ... by ANY name.

Personally, I like "mimi". It sounds so affectionate and familiar.

I've always been Grandma, except when the sassy-six were little, and then I was sometimes "gamma", or "kaffy" (my hubby calls me Kathy). Whatever word they used, I promise it was (and is) sweetness to my ear.

Be blessed.

Melanie Dorsey said...

My cousin's children call their maternal grandmother "Mama~Linda." Her first name is Linda.
I jokingly tell my children I want to be called "GrandmaMA" (emphasis on the last MA).
French is "grandmere."
I've heard a take-off on the French "Grand Mary."
Not sure if your MiMi is like "MeMe" or like one of my grandmother's pronounced Mimmy.
What about Bevy?

Whatever you choose, congrats!

Ballerina Girl said...

I like Mimi...
there are some great grandmother's in my husband's family (Peruvian) that went by the name of
mamamma....kinda fun.
My Mom to my kids is Bubba! Sounds cute in the voices of children!


Chatty Kelly said...

We called my grandma Grammy. Having said that, usually the grandchild will call you something themselves and it sticks. So you can have an idea, but it's really up to the kid. We all called my grandma Grammy, except my youngest sister called her Ya-ya. I don't know why, but always called her that.

Her son called his grandparents "grandma" and grandma-daddy." I love that!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am Grammy Girlfriend and those are the sweetest words on earth...many times shortened to Grammy or Gram.....the best job I have EVER had....I have a close friend that is
"Honey" and I love that too!

I love your blog.....I am new to the blog world and loving all my new friends.

Come by and visit me.


Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

In our area of Spain they call grandmothers "La-La" (pronounced zha-zha)

My nieces and nephews say "grammy"

Good luck!

Edie said...

Oooh congratulations!! I always say that grandkids are the best thing God ever invented. :)

Mine call me Grandma. Sometimes I wish I would have chosen something different but that's what I called both of mine. I kind of like Nana.

I think it's funny how women pick out the name their grandkids will call them. It never used to be optional. LOL. Men don't do that do they? LOL!

sara said...

I love Linda's idea of seeing what the child picks out, but I understand wanting to have a "name"

My kids call my mom "Nani" pronounced nawnee. It's what they use in Italy. I also like Nana.

Merrie said...

I wanted to be called "GranMerrie"... it didn't stick so I am Grandmama...
I have a good friend and her name is "Honey"
I like "Mimi".

Barbara said...

My mama became "Grammy" when she had her first grandson. My Daddy's mother was "Munner" and Mama's mother was "Grandma Mildred". Mama always said that the child will name you, no matter what you would like to be called. So you may just have to wait and see. Oh and Wilbur's sister's grandkids call her "Mam" and their granddad "Sir". This was my brother-in-laws idea in the from of a joke and it stuck! So be careful with jokes too!

Brenda Leyland said...

Now that is a weighty topic. From your list, I'd vote for Mimi.

I've heard people use 'Nana' too, which is another version I always thought pretty.

What a joy to anticipate!