Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pay it Forward

Do you remember how fun it was to get mail when you were a kid? Blogging has returned that joy to me. Getting the mail had become a drag- just bills, bills and more bills. I’ve decided kids can get excited about mail because it’s never bills. It’s just cards or gifts or fun surprises. Blogging can put fun things in your mailbox again!

I recently won the Pay it Forward drawing over at Mocha with Linda’s and now it’s my turn to pass along the fun. I've seen a couple of different ways of doing this - giving a handcrafted gift to the first 3 people or the way Linda did it, drawing for one prize not to exceed $15.

Since my best only crafting is done in the kitchen and that really doesn't seem too appropriate for unseen friends, I thought I'd give away a $10 gift card. I chose Starbucks, partly because of an already colorful history with people paying it “backward” in Starbucks lines. One news story on the phenomenon is Here. But you can choose between Starbucks, Target or Chic-fil-A. If money is tight and you win – you can always just pay it forward by sending it on!

So here are the rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post by midnight Thursday (3/12/09).
2. In your comment, indicate which gift card you would like.
3. If you win, you continue to Pay It Forward by doing some sort of giveaway on your blog.

I'll post the winner Friday!


God's girl said...

Wow, everyone must be "Pay it forward"-ed out! When I won from ADHDme's, I did name pictures for 3 people. I will play again and do name pictures again. Yeah, I'm a first commenter:)

sara said...

I'm in!!!! I would love to win the starbucks!! I typically treat myself to a latte on the way to BS on Wednesday. but since we are cutting back, I have had to let my treats go!!!

Greg C said...

I have already participated but if you don't get a third that wants to do it, then count me in.

Here is a little pay it forward that happened the other day at the grocery store. An older couple was struggling trying to get a shoping cart that was stuck. A younger woman told them to take her cart. I was next in line to get a cart so I gave mine to the younger woman. If only it had continued. Keep on giving.

Edie said...

HaHa! I liked Greg's Pay it Forward.

I would love to play again Beverly but all my bloggy friends seem to be tired of it. :)

Shelly W said...

I love this idea! And count me in for some Starbucks! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Pay it forward sounds great... there is no Starbucks in my small town so I would love a gift card from Target (no we don't have one of them either- we have Wal-Mart, but I can order online or go by there when I hit one of the bigger cities!)