Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fur Real - Don't Mess With My Peep

I interrupt the light-hearted travel commentary for a news bulletin. Cupcake has had a rough week. And if you think Mama Bear is a threat when angry, let me tell you - when Papa Bear is riled, watch out.

Cupcake called yesterday with a very disturbing report of events at her apartment complex on election night. Apparently, when the winner of the presidential race was announced, young people started pouring into the parking areas (this is a very large college complex with at least 1200 residents). There was screaming and yelling, profanity and breaking of glass. Shockingly, the “celebration” could have escalated into an ugly racial event. Cupcake was more than a little bit scared and she and her roommates actually pushed furniture against the front door as a barricade. The police came but things didn’t settle down for a few hours. This is in a college town and these are supposedly educated kids in a “good neighborhood”. I can assure you that she won’t be in this complex for long, lease or no lease.

My first reaction was anger that this even happened. I heard one newscaster discussing the term “racial transcendence” that had been used during the Obama campaign. I can tell you that in this part of the South, we haven’t transcended anything.

Interesting timing that we went to see
The Secret Life of Bees yesterday afternoon. (I highly recommend it.) The movie was set in 1964 in S. Carolina and spotlights the significance of the Civil Rights Act. It depicted just a sampling of the gross injustices that black people suffered during that time, and of course, that is just the surface of a terrible and deep wound that has yet to heal. I can’t say that I can even imagine how it feels to have loved ones that were treated worse than dirt. And this is all quite recent, as history goes.

I am grieved over this incident with Cupcake. Of course, my first concern is the peace and safety of our daughter. But it reveals a sickness of the soul that has no simple solutions. Our country suffers from deeper ills than an ailing economy. There’s one thing I do know - we need to pray without ceasing for our country.


Anonymous said...

As a mom of a college student, I can honestly say, I understand your pain. I will pray for Cupcake and her safety. And I will second the motion to pray without ceasing for our country and its leaders.

Chatty Kelly said...

I for one am thrilled at having an African American president, if for the simple reason that perhaps we can have several more and begin to elect people based on experience and ability, not because we want to have an historical moment.

Hope your daughter will be fine.

Edie said...

I'm glad your daughter and her roommate were not hurt. It is probably wise to move her to a safer place. It is so sad that it as to be that way, and only seconds after the election.

I am praying for the nation daily.

Farrah said...

That is such a disturbing story!

I agree completely. We must pray, and the result of this election has definitely energized my praying!