Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dead Head

My blog friend, ADHD Me, got me thinking with her "15 Things I'm Not Afraid to Admit" game. I'm not giving you 15, but I'll do one.

I have an unreasonable fear of the dentist. This is very unfortunate because I have to go alot. I was one of those kids that had 3 cavities everytime I went to get my teeth cleaned. My sister? None. We both used the same toothpaste and brushed the same amount and ate the same diet but who got all the cavities? Me. Even when I was in high school, I would cry when they'd tell me I had to come back for fillings.

Now I discover that fillings don't last forever. And when they die, they want to be crowned. Crowns are named that because you have to be the Queen of England to pay for them.

Today I went in for not one, but TWO crowns. So I have a dead head from so much novocaine. And from realizing that today's office visit is my birthday present and Christmas present for this year and next year as well.

"Chin up", I say to myself, "at least you have your teeth and have food to eat with your teeth." Can I hear an "Amen, sista?"


Chatty Kelly said...

Oh my - ADHD Me has to get laughing gas just to get her teeth cleaned.

Well, we shall now call you Queen Beverly because you have not one but TWO crowns. Long live the Queen.

Merrie said...

Oh MAN! I am with you... I do NoT like going to the dentist... even when insurance pays for the cleaning, it ends up costing a small fortune and hurting! The last time I went my mouth (entire mouth) hurt for 6 weeks! Since we moved I had to find a new dentist. I would almost lose all my teeth than have to go back to him. Of course, my husband LOVES him and thinks he is wonderful. When I don't go they call him and tell him that i MUST come in or I will lose all my teeth... seriously, they are strong arming me here!

Well, should I say "MerryHappyThankMas" to cover all the holidays you are celebrating while being crowned Queen?

Oh, my grand kids all call me grandmomma... I tried the "GrandMerrie"... but it didn't stick with the daughters-in-law... but that's okay. As long as they smile when they see me!

Ballerina Girl said...

Amen sista! hahaha
I do not like novocaine AT ALL...
my SIL is just like you, too...hates the dentist!
me, take it or leave it, but would rather leave it!

Greg C said...

This post was so true and I feel the same way about dentists. I am in need of two crowns and when they told me I ONLY had to pay 1500 for the two I felt special. What a deal. I am thinking about doing it myself with some bondo.

I took the adhd challenge and did all 15.

Greg C said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't hate the dentist but I do hate the bill. My hubby had to have two emergency root canals within 2 days and they cost $1200.00 each! Now THAT hurts!

Edie said...

Oh my Beverly! I'm so sorry for you. Dentists keep telling me that I need to replace my very first filling because it is quite large and may not hold up, and it would require a crown. I've been hearing this for 32 years! I figure if I'm not having a problem with it then there is no need to remove it, except to help the dentist pay his bills instead of paying my own.

Hope you're feeling better!

sara said...

I hear you!! The first crown I got (because of a cracked tooth) nearly caused me to pass out...not the pain....the PRICE!!! I wonder if you can bring in jewelry for them to melt down for it?!

Fuschia said...

I think the price is the real reason they put you in that recliner!
RedDaddy opted to just have his tooth was the very back molar...$186, tax, tag, and title. ;)