Saturday, November 22, 2008

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer is a fascinating blogger that I’ve been following for some time at Conversion Diary. She has been doing “7 Quick Takes” on Fridays for several weeks and though I’m not getting this posted until Saturday, I decided I’d rather go late to a party than not go at all.

1- Builderman will not attend anything if he is late arriving. Period. I am totally comfortable with late (except for weddings and funerals – I have my standards).

2- I love designer clothing at bargain basement prices, therefore I love consignment stores. I stopped into one of my favorite consignment boutiques yesterday as a birthday treat and found 3 awesome buys. Major fun.

3- We had a hard freeze this week and all of my outside plants (patio and porches) are now dead. For years, I hauled them in and out all winter long and lost them on the last surprise freeze of the year (usually right after Easter). So now I don’t go through the hassle – I give in to nature and just start over in the spring. Rest in peace pretty plants, you've been loved.

4- The Squall Line I introduced on Tuesday got an underwhelming response. I don’t know whether the reasons are 1) because people don’t want to be whiney 2) it takes time for something to catch on 3) it’s bad timing 4) it’s a crummy idea.
Time will tell. Next Squall line is Dec. 2nd.

5- I’m so excited that my children are all coming home for Thanksgiving. One is already here. Yay!

6- A fascinating opportunity was presented to me this week. I just posted about “The Architecture of Yes” because this could be one of those very important Yes or No answers. I am praying for wisdom and insight.

7- The most important things in life aren’t things.

Thanks for letting me come late to your party, Jennifer. You can click on over there to meet some neat people.


Chatty Kelly said...

Hey - I dont' know if you remember my "tuesday tips" - - but it didn't take off either. 1 person responded. I think these things take time. But also, I don't want to be whiney. :D

Happy Saturday to you.

Shelly W said...

Hi Beverly, I just wanted you to know I stopped by. Thanks for checking out my blog today!

Fuschia said...

I was feeling sad about my plants beig killed off...thanks for the new perspective (haha).

I completely agree with #7!