Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Architecture of Yes

Yes. A three letter word that can change your world. I’ve been reading Big Mama’s blog as she went on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic. Melanie was able to meet the child that she sponsors through Compassion. She relates that the child asked one question of her, “Can I go home with you?” A simple question with a “yes” or “no” answer but HUGE implications. It made me ponder how just saying “yes” to that trip was a life-changing decision.

In our busy, fast paced culture people are often reminded that they need to say “No” more often. But it’s the “yeses” that mold our days, shape our years and determine our destiny.

The “yes” said in a covenant commitment to love, honor and cherish one person for all the days of your life.

The “yes” to an opportunity to move to a different city or take a new job that alters your life in unimagined ways.

The “yes” to help someone in need that leaves a permanent imprint on your heart.

The small yes and the big YES all become the architecture of our lives. It makes me think hard about what I will say “yes” to this week.


Uncommon Blonde said...

What a nice way to look at the word yes. I am guilty of trying to say no more often but I should reframe it and think of it as instead, making all of my yes answers more meaningful.

Fuschia said...

I never knew how to say "No", and now that I do, I'm able to say "Yes" to more important things!
Great thoughts...thanks.

sara said...

what a great post! right now with our economic situation, people will be more tempted to say "no", I want to be able to say "yes"!!

Chatty Kelly said...

Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. That's biblical. So I guess we just do our best, praying about what to say yes & no to.

Greg C said...

I find it harder to say No than Yes to most things. I guess that is why I am so positive.