Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clumsy is as Clumsy Does

Maybe if my mother had named me Grace, I wouldn’t be so clumsy. My inability to keep my feet under me has resulted in way too many injury stories for this post. Builderman no longer asks me to climb ladders, for one thing. No siree. The time I sprained an ankle coming down the mountain in Alaska is well-remembered by our whole family but at least I got points for earning us prime seats in the handicapped car on the train trip the next day.

I won’t embarrass myself by even trying to recount some of the episodes that are running through my head right now. Let’s just say I should probably hire a stunt woman to take my place on hikes and such.

This brings me to why I need to win this Wii Fit give-away at LaPetiteChic's blog. I have observed that old people generally have a balance problem. Then what happens to those of us who couldn’t even keep our balance at age 20? A solution has been invented! The Wii Fit comes with a balance board! The genes of my 102 year old grandmother necessitate a plan to develop a sense of balance. I also gleefully anticipate the side effects of regular use of the Wii Fit, like weight loss, muscle strength, etc.

Since I am so faithful to let you know about awesome give-aways, I am letting you in on the good news that you can register to win a Wii console, Wii Fit & balance board just in time for Christmas. Click Here.

If you win my Wii Fit, you can console me with a train ride in Alaska. Canada would be okay too, because hey- my flexibilty is increasing too.


Edie said...

LOL. I hope you win. It wouldn't help if you were named Grace. I once knew someone named Grace and all of her little "mishaps" resulted in her name being changed to "Great Grace". As in "oh great, now what." LOL.

Merrie said...

I wish that I did not completely understand! I have often said, "my name is NOT Grace!" (even though I have a granddaughter named Grace :)) All my family is "graceful"... I assume they got it from me - since I don't have it!

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm not very graceful either - but won't stop me from entering to win.

You just need to be in a three legged race and have someone hold you up. *wink*