Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Mess With my Peep & I'm Outta Here

I am always amazed at how much I can accomplish in a short period of time when I am preparing to leave for a trip. Of course, I’m usually exhausted when it’s finally time to leave. I do learn that amazing things happen when there is a time constraint and I stay focused.

Cupcake came home unexpectedly this weekend and of course I cooked her favorite foods and pampered her a bit. She started a part-time job with a law firm when she started college. This is the third child we have supported through college (with the help of scholarships), but we have required all of them to work a part-time job for their spending money. We pay all essentials and they pay the extras - like entertainment. It has worked well. Cupcake had been telling me that her job is really stressful but I was appalled to learn she worked 35 hours this past week. On top of a full-time school load! This started as a 20 hour/week job so something is going to change really quickly, and it’s not school. She will be discussing the necessary change with the law office this week. We have been talking on the phone lots but it was great to have hours of time to get “the rest of the story.”

The Mama Bear in me wants to call her employer and start with “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” Oh- but my child is a young adult and has to work it out herself. I was slow to learn the lesson of setting boundaries and saying “no”. I hope she “gets it” a lot faster than I did.

By the time you read this (I am relying on auto post for the first time), I should be headed to South Carolina for 5 days of fun and exploring Savannah, Hilton Head and Charleston with my Mom, my sister, her friend and my oldest daughter. My plan is to post photos and a travelogue through the week


Chatty Kelly said...

Loved your graphic! "Don't mess with my peeps." I too can be a mama bear, of course mine are littlier (ages 4 & 9).

Great job.

Gwendolyn said...

My oldest is only sixteen, and I already know I'll have a hard time letting her learn to say "no" on her own. I can't believe she'll be an adult in just a couple of years!

Oh....and I hope you have a very enjoyable trip!

Fuschia said...

Have a terrific time. We just came home from NC where it SNOWED!!!

Edie said...

Great balance of supporting her (backing her up) and letting her practice her independence. It's sometimes a tough call.

Have a great trip and safe travel!

SuZ said...

Love love love the mama bear image! Enjoy your trip!

My ADHD Me said...

Of all the people I know that have kids in college, the kids did better when it wasn't handed to them on a silver platter. Hurray for you!!

I also agree that a deadline always helps get things done. I just need to learn to give myself deadlines when I'm NOT planning to go anywhere. On Christmas Eve I have a family party. That always works..but once a year only.

Have fun on your trip!!

My ADHD Me said...
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