Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Word photos of a Wedding

Every element of this special occasion whispered, “I love you.” It brings to mind a love song we sing in church: There is none like you. No one else can touch my heart like you do. I could search for all eternity long and find, there is none like you.

Here are my pictures of the wondrous event as our son got married:

Beautiful Bridal party photos in the sunshine that miraculously appeared about 2 hours before the wedding. Hurricane bands ceased and we rejoiced in fair weather.

The joy of greeting friends and family in the foyer as a string quartet played gloriously in the church.

Music that soared to the heavens as gifted and annointed
April Lupo offered her heart in song, inviting the presence of God.

The innocence & joy of the 4 little flower girls, ages 2-5, and the 3 year old ring bearer who scampered over white marble floors and sat happily on a bench at the front as the ceremony proceeded.

The deep love and emotion on the faces of all as we witnessed the glory of 2 becoming one in the sight of God and man. Covenant love is a wondrous thing.

The love of the bride’s parents expressed in every detail of a reception planned with intricate care.

The fragrance of hundreds of white roses & white orchids creating fountains of floral beauty on every table.

The elegance of chairs decorated in black with blue bows, coupled with black napkins in blue satin ribbons. Each place setting was graced by a silver ice cream scoop favor topped with a blue bow, lovingly tied by the bride’s mother, that read “Love is Delicious.”

A ceiling draped in white silk twinkling with white lights to create a fairytale scene with the bride sparkling like a princess.

A DVD that took untold hours to create that played in the first room of the reception area, showing hundreds of photos of the bride and groom since birth with their family and friends.

Food fit for a king. From the Beef Tenderloin cooked to perfection to the primo pasta to the succulent vegetables and potatoes, it was a banquet that the bride’s dad and brother had planned for months as they welcomed us to their restaurant,

Wedding cake, a chocolate fountain, pastries, crème puffs and a tuxedo groom's cake topped off the sweetness of the night.

Dancing and cavorting of guests from 2 to 82 as the celebration of a marriage kicked into high gear.

A happy goodbye through the front door bedecked with a heart made of roses as the bride & groom were whisked away by a limosine. They are now in Jamaica for some much needed relaxation.


Chatty Kelly said...

Congratulations on a wonderful day! What a wonderful blessing!!

I suspect you could use some much needed relaxation now too!

Laura Galuppi said...

Now I know what a "word picture" is. Words cannot describe how blessed I felt reading your blog. You are so sweet to share your gift of writing with others. I am forwarding your blog to family and my best buds. It is a wonderful feeling knowing how our family has grown with the marriage of Luke and Carey. LG

Merrie said...

Absolutly beautiful! I feel like I was there - wish I had been there and so blessed that you shared this precious moment in time with us.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations both on your son's wedding and on your 30th anniversary!