Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

I have been marveling at some of the mysteries of motherhood this week.

Ike is the one that started my introspection. Favorite son and new precious daughter were on their honeymoon down in the Caribbean with Hurricane Ike between us. I did not know the exact day or time of their return, but I really wanted to know they were back safely on the U.S. mainland.

I don’t think of myself as a worrier, but Sunday, I became increasingly nervous as the day progressed and he didn’t respond to my text message or voicemail and Ike swirled nearer. I had to examine my relief when I finally got the text message that they were back.

My mind told me that he is perfectly able to take care of himself and his bride. In fact, he’s professionally trained to handle emergencies and could rescue me! But my heart wanted to know they were safe.

I think that’s the same “Mom radar” you get when they’re born that awakens you from a dead sleep when your baby snuffles around in their crib in a different room. The same radar that woke me every night this summer 15 minutes before Cupcake was due in from her late-night restaurant shift. Builderman would say, “How do you wake up? It’s like you hear an alarm!”

Yes, the mom alarm. Wired between you and your child at birth. It doesn’t disconnect when they turn 18, or 21 or at anytime during this lifetime, I suspect. A marvelous mystery.

Now I finally understand why my Mom always requests an itinerary when I go anywhere, to this day! I’m talking flight numbers, hotel contact information, the whole bit. I always thought it was funny, like she would be watching the news to see if my plane went down. I’m not laughing now. ; )

P.S. If you are a SAHM and want a great job title, try this: Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations. All true.


Chatty Kelly said...

Beverly - I loved this post. Although my kids are only 4 and 9, I just know they will always be on my mind. It's because they are always on my heart. sniff, sniff. Waaahhhhhh!!!

Thanks for this wonderful post.

Merrie said...

Oh, do I understand this one!!! I am not a worrier, but I do keep my ear open to "hear" when my children get home. Even though they are now all married, I still want to make sure they are safe and sound after a trip.
Now, it is going to my grandchildren - especially since I keep them.... I think I should coin the phrase SAHGM... for stay at home GRAND mama!