Wednesday, September 17, 2008

100th Birthday Celebration

When I logged into my blog this morning I noticed I've made 100 posts!! It made me happy to realize how new and old friendships have grown in this online networking. I am indulging myself with a photo post to celebrate the number 100. If you have read why I chose "Dancing with the Daffodils" as my blog title, then you have met my grandmother. We celebrated her 100th birthday 2 years ago!! I want to share some of the pictures of that gathering:
There were more than 80 family members present for the celebration on a beautiful fall day.

We gathered from all over at my cousin's farmhouse in NW Florida.
My grandmother with her 3 children. My mom (on left in white) is an identical twin.
Headed to watch the roping show.
Me and my cousins with LouLou. (It was short for Mother Louise and became LouLou)
Lou Lou has always been short and has become even smaller in stature with the passage of time, but she makes our hearts bigger and better, when we are in her presence.

I am so rich to have such a wonderful family! Thanks for stopping in to meet them.


Chatty Kelly said...

Happy 100 Blog Day to you! And What a blessing your grandma is. WONDERFUL. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

This is a big day for you! You won my CD giveaway, too! I'm about to post it. :-)

Merrie said...

Congratulations on 100! And what a wonderful way to celebrate. So glad to have met you!

BeaK. said...

Hi Beverly,

Lovely to meet you, I will have to thank Heidi for connecting us.

I'm always delighted to meet people with roots in Alabama.

I grew up in Walker county, about 40 miles nw of Birmingham.

Had friends in Montevallo and Alabaster. Spent some summers there, had my first real job and my first big love affair there.

I'm an Alabama girl at heart...forever.

My grandmother was a few days shy of 100 when she simply went to sleep and didn't awake. I was 12-1954.

I look forward to getting aquainted, I can see that we have much to share.

I've enjoyed your blog, will be back for more of your excellent writing.

Bea Kunz

carolmehl said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!