Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Squall Line - Volume 4 - I SAID Don't Mess with My Peep!

I posted in November and said “Don’t Mess With my Peep” and I meant it. Here’s the rest of the story... and thanks in advance for listening… I know this is a long post.

Our youngest daughter moved to a college apartment complex in August with great excitement and anticipation of new friends, fun pool parties and a great college experience.

She tried not to alarm us with too many details, but within two weeks, she had called the police one night when she was alone in her apartment and there was a major disturbance going on in the apartment above. There was fighting, profanity and offensive music playing so loudly she was truly frightened. When the police arrived, the offending neighbors wouldn’t answer the door and the police told her that was their 8th call to this particular apartment this year. Oh great.

Suffice it to say that this was only the beginning of what turned into a very scary scenario. It wasn’t just one problem – they were numerous and she was literally surrounded by low-lifes.

Naturally, we contacted the apartment management for help. Alas, we were always told “there is not a manager on the premises.” We knew the management had changed in July, right before Cupcake moved in, and wondered if there was literally no manager.

The problems actually escalated. My husband contacted the police in Tallahassee about our concerns over our daughter’s safety and we were told that University Heights apartment complex had at least one police call a day and had become such a problem there was a particular officer handling it. We were advised to file formal complaints with the apartment management.

After a particularly alarming night in November when our daughter and her roommates actually barricaded the door with furniture in fear as a near-riot took place in the parking lot, we decided to take matters into our hands and get her out of there.

We had signed a year long lease, so we consulted an attorney and were advised of the Florida statute that ensures the safety of residents. We sent a certified letter to the complex and asked for a response within 10 days or the lease would be breached and we would be moving our daughter out. We didn’t get a response and on Dec. 30th, we moved our daughter out of that situation.

I find it very interesting that on moving day, after dropping the key to the office with yet another letter explaining why she was moving, Cupcake got about 6 calls and 3 terse voice mails from the manager, who actually has a name, who said there would be consequences as she could not break the lease. When my husband tried to call her back to discuss this – guess what? She wouldn’t take his calls.

I am hoping that someone from University Height Apartments in Tallahassee monitors what is being said on the internet about them and contacts me. (beverlydru at gmail.com) I can assure you that if they take this to court, our documentation and story will not be good for them. I’m putting all that in God’s hands.

I am happy to report that God cares about the details of our lives. At Thanksgiving when Cupcake was home, we asked her where her ideal place would be to live. We believe in specific prayers! So she made a list. As of the end of school on Dec. 12th, we had no idea where she would be living. In the next week, God opened a door. Oh yes, He did! She is living exactly where her heart desired. She is safe. She knows we are her advocates.

When we know Jesus, you and I also always have an advocate. If God is for us, who can be against us? It’s not the final chapter that we doubt. We begin in faith and know the end of the story. It’s what transpires in the middle that often throws us off balance.

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My ADHD Me said...

Don't Mess With My Peeps!!
I'm with you 100%.
I am SO proud and glad that you took action! So many people would complain but not do anything.
Also, I can't stand it when you try to handle these things in an easy way and no one wants to step up to the plate (ie...take your calls).


Chatty Kelly said...

Wow - your post makes me think I am not specific enough in my prayer life. I am more general.

I really enjoyed your post and think you are an amazing mom. Great job!

sara said...

okay Beverly, this scares me a bit as my daughter is moving in to a house at the end of this semester!!! I will be starting to pray VERY specifically after reading your post!!!

But great reminder that we DO have an advocate that is always with and for us!!

Greg C said...

I will remember not to mess with your peeps. Ditto for my peeps. That's how I addressed my family this morning when I left them a note. Dear Peeps, lol. I am so glad you got the issue resolved.

Merrie said...

Nothing tears at our hearts like our children and them being put in danger.
So glad that you were able to resolve it!
God's faithfulness is overwhelming!

Merrie said...

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.
I failed to mention that I am the youngest person in the church. Most have no education and are very much spiritually illiterate. That puts more pressure on me to want to teach and share with them.

The main thing is that I do not want to be obligated to yet another day there.
So prayers and discernment and peace are much needed. Thanks!