Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running to Jail

Cupcake (youngest daughter) has a history of providing entertainment for our family. She is a little comedian in her spare time. She also has a part-time job while at college as a runner for a law office. I got this email from her last week and it struck me that a big part of college is what you learn outside of the classroom!

Email Message from Cupcake:
Hello :)

Let me start off by saying off by saying that I am very thankful to have a job but I just thought I would tell you of my day so far..

Mr. Lawyer (P.A): I need you to go to the jail now!!!

Me: Yes sir.

The runner van was occupied by the other dude at the time of this "emergency" so I hopped in my car. (they re-embuirse for mileage) I was told that the woman I was picking up would look "rough" and that she was in her early thirties.

I had to call back and ask for the "clients" name.

Yes rough was an understatement. When I got there she was sitting on the sidewalk. And guess what?? She HAD BEEN IN JAIL AND SHE WAS IN MY CAR!!!!!! AH! She smelled like rotten garbage. All she had was a little brown paper sack with her belongings in it. I couldn't believe it. How are you supposed to make conversation? I said, "Are you okay?" Oh jeez wrong move...she sobbed almost the whole way back to the office and was asking me all these questions like"Are you taking me home? "Do you know where my fiance is?"and I kept telling her that I am only the runner. Oh my goodness. I didn't know what to do...I had on the radio but then I thought she may hate this music so I switched it to talk radio and then I thought oh we'll this is probably depressing her.

While riding along..I thought...hmm.. little things that go wrong here and there..and I thought my life had some problems in it...this woman is a wreck.

If you ever need a jail transport release service I'm your gal! ;)
There is more to being a runner than I thought!!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

One of my very best IRL friends is a runner for attorneys, but she has never picked up anyone like this. Your person's desperation got my heart.

Ballerina Girl said...

wow, what a job!
and how sad for this lady!

Feel free to link to my post....I love comments and new people coming to my blog!


sara said...

yep, many of our best lessons are learned not from being taught but from living!

Merrie said...

Oh my, what a sensitive girl you have there. I can understand your prayerful concern over her job... what awesome opportunity!
I also know that what I learned in the classroom never prepared me for life. Cupcake is learning life lessons... good for her!
(and may you have peace as she learns!)

Spring Fricks said...

Well, she is learning a lot at college. I's so glad she offered that woman compassion. You just never know how people end up where they do and everyone deserves a little kindness. Your daughter will remember this for a long time. :-)

GutsyWriter said...

I also have a son in college, and it's nice to get an e-mail once a month, (if I'm lucky.)
Interesting job, she has. Maybe she should become a writer and write her stories.
Thanks for your first visit to my blog. Look forward to seeing more of yours too.

My ADHD Me said...

It's amazing what we ALL learn outside of the classroom/office.

Greg C said...

I was an unwilling runner once while I was in the Navy. I knew what was going on with this guy and had strong feelings about him but couldn't let them show. I didn't say much on the trip. While waiting for him to come out of the lawyers office, a girl walked by and I knew her. She sat next to me in band back in High school 15 years before. This was in a town far from where we went to High school too. That really made my day.