Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tales

Here's the puppy update; I am going to wait on the Morky I showed you last week. At my husband’s request, I am going to study and research breeds and make a decision after I have carefully considered all the possibilities and the timing. Sigh. I’m sure that’s a smart course of action. However, if left to my own devices, I would get this puppy and I would be happy with it. This scenario reminds me of our personality differences.

As a Sanguine, my plan of action is
Ready, Fire, Aim.
Think about that, or not, as the case may be.

My husband is a Melancholy and his method is Ready, Aim, Doublecheck your Aim, Deep Breath while Aiming, Step Back and Check the Wind and How it Will Affect Your Aim, ReAim,

I actually taught a Seminar for years called “Discovering Your Personality IQ”. It definitely helps in relationships to respect the personality differences rather than let them annoy you. I had retired that seminar but I am thinking I need to resurrect it. (For me! LOL) The lessons are still as applicable as they were 20 years ago. To think that Hippocrates came up with the basic 4 personality classifications in 370 BC does imply longevity. Below is a simple chart that I think is helpful. This is not an academic profile, but it's fun and this is not an academic blog!

I was thinking about doing a series for the next 4 Thursdays highlighting each personality type and giving some examples of well-known people (maybe even bloggers we all know) who define the particular perosnality types. Let me know if you think that sounds interesting. I am enjoying looking at this material again.


Greg C said...

I am interested. You can use me as the example of a perfect person. haha

My ADHD Me said...

I would be VERY interested in that Thursday series. Kelly told me about that once and I got a book called Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. I am definitely (as if you didn't already know) a Sanguine. Almost 100% Sanguine.

Speaking of that...SYSTEMATICALLY clean....Me? lol

Merrie said...

Yes, please do! I would love it!

Ballerina Girl said...

sounds great! how do we know which personality type we are? is there a certain test?

sara said...

my husband and I are just like you guys!!! I am an otter and he is the beaver!!! I totally understand ready, fire, aim!!!!

Okay, here is your letter......"C"

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Where I work, they made everyone take the DISC personality test. I'm a high C, which aligns me with your husband's way of moving through the world. I know we can't put people in boxes, per se, but it really does help you not to take it personally when people are so different from you. It has changed the way we work together and also helped us in personal relationships like between spouses, etc.