Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothin' Virtual About These Friends

My friend, Sara, gave me a blog award for friendship that really got me thinking. Who knew that blogging would result in special relationships with people you can be real and honest with and who will speak the truth in love to you? People you can visit with any time of the day or night? Who can make you laugh and make you cry. Who keep you current as well as take you down memory lane? Who knew??

I talk about my friends from blogs like I would any of my other friends. Trying to explain who they (you!) are to people who don't blog is like to trying to explain the ocean to somebody who has never set foot out of the desert. They just don't get it.

In this technology age, I know there are "virtual assistants". But I don't think of my blog friends as "virtual friends". You are very real. I find it interesting how handles this word:

The instructions on this award say to pass it on. The bloggers who make up the rules to these things get a little carried away with numbers in my opinion, so I am whittling the recommended 8 down to just 2 people. These 2 friends are fascinating and I love to visit with them:

1. Hats off and it's a pleasure to know you, ADHDme. Fascinating and fun, a fireman friend. (Do you say firewoman?!)

2. Let me introduce you to Ballerina Girl. She's an American living in Brazil and just back from the most fabulous trip you can imagine. I promise you need to see these photos.

The truth is, if you are reading this, I want to thank YOU for honoring me with your time. And I would love for you to recieve my extended hand of friendship and post this on your blog. So if you needed an award today, you got it!

I love having friends not only all over the country, but all over the world! I hear "Road Trip"! One day....


Edie said...

Congratulations on your award Beverly! You are certainly deserving. I don't know the Ballerina Girl, but I do know that ADHD-Jo certainly deserves a friendship award. She is one of the best. Of course I can think of lots of others that I can say that about too. It's so hard to narrow it down. :)

Have a great Sunday!

Greg C said...

I feel the same way about my blog friends and my wife doesn't understand. You are all like pen pals that I hope to one day meet in person if the situation presents itself. If you are ever in our area I would love to meet you or any of my other friends in person.

sara said...

Yep, I feel the same way!!

My ADHD Me said...

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!

I feel the same way you do and YES it is impossible to explain it to non-bloggers.

(now if I can only remember how to put this on my blog!!)

Someone special is working on my blog make-over. When that is done my awards will look so wonderful!!

Er...did I say Thank You!

Ballerina Girl said...

Thank you for this award Beverly!
Anytime you want to visit matter where in the world I am.... you are more than welcome :)

It was an exhausting, but oh so exciting evening last night! I am just catching up now really....

I will post this sometime this week. I have a busy week with my kids school....something every morning!
So, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this award, and I hope more people do visit me! Though as long as there are friends like you who needs many more?!

Have a great week!

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