Monday, January 19, 2009

Photo Tag - Good Memories

ADHD Me, my firefighter friend, tagged with the meme that goes like this: Go to your picture file. Go the the 4th folder, pick the 4th photo, post it and explain the photo. Here ya go: Happy memories! This provided a little "mind-vacation" in the middle of a busy Monday. A perfect break for me. This was taken at the beginning of a hike up Persevarance Trail in Juneau, Alaska. That was really the name of the trail - that should have been a clue. But we were rewarded at the end of the trail by a powerful and awesome waterfall.

We took a cruise in 2005 with the whole family and it was fantastic. When you travel with Builderman, adventure will be always on the agenda. We never take group tours but create our own and we definitely have great stories to tell. This was an extraordinary day in an amazing week

I read yesterday that the Alaskan cruise lines are slashing prices as much as 50% this summer because of the economy. If you’ve never done it, you should go on an Alaskan cruise. Fantastic is just a small word that begins to describe it.

I’m supposed to tag 4 more people… so I picked the top 4 from my Blog Roll. I know Rich Gifts has already been tagged, so that leaves Uncommon Blonde, Seven Chicks and Roller Coaster Ride. All of these have photographer credentials, so this should be interesting. See you tomorrow for the Squall Line.


sara said...

I got tagged for this before but my fourth folder only had 3 pictures in it!!!

My parents went on an Alaskan cruise and loved it!

Greg C said...

I have been thinking about an Alaskan trip but I am not letting on yet because they would hound me endlessly. Yes that name should have said everything.

Edie said...

I love this photo AND the story that goes with it. I just love adventures! Perseverence?... well I might have 2nd thoughts about that adventure. lol.

Thanks for not making me do this again. I had a hard enough time the first go round. LOL!

Have a great week!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I'm going to do this tomorrow. Why does my husband's poncho make him look like he's wrapped in blue saran wrap? LOL We just watched the dvd from this trip last weekend, what great memories!