Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pioneer Woman? She doesn’t live here.

Builderman has a new project. Instead of just continuing to mow the very large amount of grass on our property, he wants to bale it and sell the hay. Fine by me… whatever, honey.

Until he announced yesterday that the neighbors are coming to help tomorrow and he sure could use my help. My response was, “you’re kidding, right?” I would think we have enough stories of the crazy things that happen when he recruits me as a manual laborer.

Not to mention that Thursday I work full (over)time to make up for being out Friday. We are leaving early Friday and that should say it all. His pants have to be picked up from the seamstress (he just tried them on Sunday after having them since June and they needed altering), etc. etc. Experience tells me there are times to say “No” and I am certain this is one of those times. I have to laugh. What was he thinkin’?? I will definitely not be telling him about the Pioneer Woman.


Chatty Kelly said...

I'm with you. No pioneer woman here. I like air conditioning!

It sounds like you'll be busy enough.

Uncommon Blonde said...

That is hilarious! He's definitely had time to forget all of the debacles you have been through.

The Patterson 5 said...

Baling and halling hay is hard work I agree, no is in order. Perhaps leaving cold lemonade in the fridge for the workers would be a compromise!
I loved your comment about a hot tub for our back deck! I can't wait to tell Mr P we need to add on!

I love your "Dancing with Daffodils" blog title. I love daffodils and I think they are Chatty Kelly's fav flower as well!

Merrie said...

I am laughing... That is just not something that I could imagine doing. My husband always expects me to be a part of whatever he is doing and to help... I have been very thankful that he does not work on cars or a funeral director - or even doctor. I can't imagine doing any of that type work.