Monday, August 25, 2008

Endless Summer

An article in our local paper today features a Beach House give-away that a Birmingham, AL company is sponsoring. This promotion is called the “Idea House” and the home is located near Port St. Joe here in the Florida Panhandle. The design team referred to the house as having the personality of a “Manhattan socialite who inherited her great aunt’s beach cottage.” It has a fair market value of $941,000. Nice beach house.

I would so love to have a beach house to continue the tradition of family, love and laughter at “the shore” as my grandmother calls it. My dad was born in nearby Carrabelle, so this part of Florida holds many special memories and I want to create many more!

You can register once every day between now and Sept. 30th, and this is something I will do with glee and anticipation. If you win, be sure to reserve a week or 2 for me every year as small thanks for telling you about this marvelous give-away.


Chatty Kelly said...

There MUST be a catch. I can't wait to find out however! I'd love to have a beach house. And yes, I might even have you down for a week or two for the tip. (If I don't sell it and pay off all my bills instead.)

Merrie said...

Sounds like a dream come true!!!! We actually pastored a church for a summer in Carabelle! We loved it, but we were so totally out of God's will.
Thank you for your prayers for our family.