Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Faith in Action

I have something I’d like for you to pray with me about. I'm glad I am still basking in the wonder of what God did on Sunday, so I have very recent reminders that He is Powerful and Awesome and cares about the details of our lives.

I’ll give you some of the story without going into too much detail, and then I’ll make my request. I’ve been having some issues with my hormones changing that have been causing problems. One issue was becoming of increasing concern.

Sunday, the presence of God was very strong in our service. The message was based on John 5, where the lame man was by the pool at Bethesda waiting for his healing. The first one in the pool after the angel stirred the waters was healed. The speaker reminded us that we don’t have to wait for angels, we have Jesus. In addition, we are not in some spiritual lottery where it’s a chance on who God wants to heal. He suggested we all join hands and jump in the pool together. I loved that. It’s a good thing Jesus said, “Come as a child.” That totally works for me.

I just knew that God taken care of my need in that service. I knew I wasn’t going to have to go to the doctor and that I would be restored before all the festivities coming up this weekend. And indeed, that very night, all symptoms disappeared. SING, SHOUT, DANCE! I am so thankful.

Now here’s the request. I am asking God to send Hurricane Gustav to uninhabited places. We are still, at this very moment, experiencing severe weather from Tropical Storm Fay. (I am using my cell phone for internet access as my regular high speed is out from the weather.) We do not need a visit from Gustav in Florida. Nobody else needs him either!! He is definitely not invited to our son’s wedding. God knows about the need for safety for all the people we love who are travelling from all over to South Florida for the festivities. Please pray. If one can put a thousand to flight, two can send the legions fleeing, and cause Gustav to be rendered harmless. Amen.


Chatty Kelly said...

Beverly - praised for God's healing hands on you (Especially since you're not a good girl about seeing the dr - you said!)

Prayers for your family and others in the FL regions, for protection from harm.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow--you hear about it on national news, and then someone, a lone voice says, "Pray that it won't come this way, or anyone's way." I feel so humbled, and I will pray. Off topic: You asked about help with the technical stuff for "I See What You're Saying," and tomorrow I'm posting about that. I hope you can join in the fun.