Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tea at Two

Cupcake and I went to a “George Washington’s Day” Tea at 2 yesterday. The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution invited us to the country club to honor the high school seniors who wrote winning essays on patriotism. The ladies were sweet. There was no concern with political correctness as they recited portions of the constitution, prayed and sang the Star Spangled Banner. (Sorry for noticing that they spontaneously changed keys three times in the acapella rendition that was started too high for anyone other than Mariah Carey.) I couldn't help but notice that those concerned about political correctness would even have to take issue with our constitution. But George would have been proud. Before going, I tried to "Google" the local DAR to find out if we were going to accept a scholarship or what (I wish), but there was absolutely nothing to be found online. I know now it’s because they need to do some serious recruiting to not be extinct within 10 years. But after all, aren’t all American women really Daughters of the American Revolution? Pedigree and papers notwithstanding, it’s our heritage.


Merrie said...

I'm loving policital "in"correctness these days! I'm also lalughing because when we lived in Georgia, "they" tried to get me to join DAR. A couple of our children received their very gracious scholarships. We were thankful and blessed them. We lived close to some distant relatives that actively tried to recruit me into their hallowed halls of deadness.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I have a much longer list of things I take. I take around 30 pills in the morning and 15-20 at night.

I plan to live a long healthy life without meds!

Anonymous said...

don't even get me started about political correctness!

long live the little old ladies singing whatever version of the star spangled banner they so choose!