Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Love Story

The 15 year old heart recognized him the moment she saw him and her heart sang. Some say that a 15 year old is too young to know what true love is. Truth is, a heart is made to recognize a soul mate. Young love grew. Tumultuous years followed as they grew up and the two hearts faced storms that broke them apart. The pain of separation was great and they reunited to plan a wedding. Her daddy’s heart, said “Are you sure little girl? How are you sure?” She replied, “It’s a matter of the heart.” And daddy-heart was comforted.

When you can see the best in another, believe in them, hope in them; when you can leap into thin air and trust you’ll be given wings to fly – this is love.

Wedding bells led to lullabies. Their family experienced birth, death, sheer joy, strife, turmoil and refreshing winds of peace. Woman-heart grew to know the God-heart that had created her and loved her with an everlasting love. Man-heart resisted that God-love for 15 long years. God-heart never gives up, and after many prayers, many tears and many years, Man-heart recognized the Great God-Hearts’ call. A new song in heaven was heard as they began a new journey and learned to dance a new dance of love. The 50 year old hearts stand amazed at what God saw, at what God knew, before they had eyes to see or ears to hear. God takes 2 people and unites them to share 1 heart. It’s a miracle of marriage


Uncommon Blonde said...

That is beautiful. It made me cry, but in a good way

Anonymous said...

I can identify with that a little too much. My husband and I started dating at 15 also. Married very young. It truly has already been a journey beyond imagination. Amazing how God can see gold in what surely is rubble.