Tuesday, February 26, 2008


May I have a drum roll, please?
Now Introducing….. LifePoint, Inc.

I have been remodeling my Speaking Business. My business name and logo was “Success International” for years. I was often asked if I was affiliated with Success Motivation International (SMI), the well-known organization founded by Paul Myer. No question that is a great organization, but I have no affiliation. I have concluded that Success International is a name that doesn’t mean a lot to me. So it’s not likely that it means much to others. Since I am updating all of my materials at this point, if I want to change, the time is now.

So now you have it - LifePoint, Inc.

I feel the name is broad enough to encompass the diversity of audiences I address (from corporate conventions to women’s retreats), yet not too generic. My messages are designed to bring inspiration and motivation to life, pointing people in the direction to realize their potential. Now I need a logo. Working on it!
I am also re-working my Topics and Outlines:

Getting the Best of Stress (Before It Gets the Best of You)

Facing the Giants - Motivation for Moving to the Next Level

Great Expectations – Goal Setting, Strategizing and Mapping Success

Head First – Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People

A Legendary Life - Living With Passion

Your comments and suggestions (all 10 of you! LOL) are welcome.


Merrie said...

Love it! I think it is divinely inspired!
I love your topics... wish we were close enough to Florida to be able to attend - or even invite you to come do a seminar.

(we are serving a church too small and far away to even consider an invitation at this point)

If we were still in Blakely, GA - or even Valdosta, I would have snatched up a date in a heart beat!

Love your topics... love the new name...

Uncommon Blonde said...

Love the name, love the topics, love it all. Here's to the start of something BIG!

Anonymous said...

Should I admit that I'm beyond totally jealous???

So to avoid a few more minutes of work I began to dream what I would speak on for our tag-team events . . .

For businesses I could do the technical, and you could follow up with the inspirational/motivational.

"No" is Not the End

Marketing for Small Business

Gender Communication

Listening to Hear

Overcoming Stage Fright

O.k., I guess I should stop. :-P

Your REAL list looks GREAT!!! good luck!

BeverlyDru said...

This might not be just a dream. I don't beleive in coincidence. We will meet soon, I'm sure of it.
Thanks for your vote of confidence.

sara said...

I have been stopping by your blog since you posted on mine!! I love your new name. I also wanted to thank you for posting your comment on my blog....it's always encouraging to know "we are not alone" :) However, good news! I may not have lost "pounds" yet, but I have gone down a pant size!!! Woo hoo!! the kicker is.....the muffin top is still there.....argh!

have a great day!