Friday, February 22, 2008

The Lesson of the Square Watermelon

I read an article today about the power of persistence and undertaking tasks that are considered “impossible”. The Japanese have cultivated a square watermelon. They have small grocery stores and small refrigerators and little room for storing a standard watermelon. Thus, they set their minds to develop a square watermelon. Through the use of boxes for each watermelon to conform its growth in the field, they accomplished the remarkable feat of growing a square watermelon. The lesson conveyed is that if you will think outside the box, (in this case – think inside the box) you can achieve amazing things.

My question is “What’s the cost?” I am a real cost vs. value person. I have refused to ever entertain the notion of “We can’t afford it.” After all, we have the awesome privilege to live in America. Seriously, don’t you notice the people that live in trailers, and I mean trailers, not mobile homes, that have cars parked in front that are worth far more than the “house”? Of course, that may just be a southern phenomenon, but I doubt it. That’s a matter of choice and priorities.

So now for the rest of the story. In Japan, a regular watermelon costs the equivalent of $15 in U.S. money. But the SQUARE watermelon costs $85.00!! Yes, you heard me. How many of you would pay $85 for a watermelon?? It’s mighty quiet. Not so compelling! Definitely NOT on my grocery list!!

Positive thinking is a powerful force, but to me, the bottom line is, does cost equal value? The real lesson here is not about thinking outside the box. It’s about weighing what is truly important against what appeals to the senses. Just because we can conceive and achieve it doesn't make it the best thing. So there you have the rest of the story.


Merrie said...

Oh, yes... I agree! Like the "pleasure of sin" is fun for a season, but pay day comes!

We have taught our children never to make a decision based on fear, or lack of money, desire, etc, but based on what God is telling them to do... ONLY.

Thanks for stopping by and your words of encouragement. I try not to take the rejections personally, but it grieves me when people have a deaf ear to truth and continue in the same destructive patterns.


Uncommon Blonde said...

That's a crazy price but a very cool story! Thanks for passing on your philosophy of "nothing is impossible" to me.