Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Procrastination & Exacerbation

My mom thought about legally changing my middle name to procrastination, but fortunately it didn’t happen. I like Dru better. I could write a book on procrastination. The only problem is that I would have to write about how to procrastinate with excellence and flair. Couldn’t do much to help you overcome it.

A prime example of a task that exacerbates* this problem is tax preparation. Uggh. I have a short list of things that put me in a bad mood fast. Tax preparation tops the list. I have an accountant. I use Quick Books. Yet there still seems to be way too much to do on my part. I had 3 more paragraphs of rant going about taxes and was depressing myself and could have pulled you right into the pit with me.

To change direction, I got up and used a few of my favorite stress-busting techniques. Here are some things that top my list for tension-relief:
1) Take B-Complex vitamins. B vitamins are depleted by stress, sugar, caffeine, estrogen, exercise, breathing, etc. Deficiency symptoms are irritability, fatigue and mood-swings to name a few. I figure I need more B than the average person. : )

2) Sing or put on some music. (The choice depends on if anyone else wants to hear me sing.) A few rounds of “Just a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down” just perked me up. Good old Mary Poppins always had a remedy.

3) A hot shower or a run, depending on the time of day. A hot shower just did wonders.

4) Working on my gratitude list. Yep, I’m super thankful to live in America. Even if we have the IRS here.

5) I'm exiting to go read now. Reading is really relaxing to me! (Blogs count)

*Word for the day:
Exacerbates – (ex·ac·er·bates) Makes a bad or problematic situation worse.


BethAnne said...

Hi! I found you through Lysa Terkeurst. Strangely, I find reading blogs very relaxing. Must be because they make me realize that my life is not quite as crazy or hectic as some other people's lives are. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog.

Merrie said...

I am in agreement with you! I "escape" into blogs... but I also do the B vitamins along with thankfulness and singing.

I was really hoping that Huckaby would win so he would do away with IRS. That would be an answer to prayer for everyone - except those who work for IRS!