Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cheerful Givers

I know I tell you about a lot of give-aways in the blogosphere. Before I tell you about another one, I have to comment on the joy of giving. I have won several things this year and it’s amazing how a small unexpected thing can make a big difference in your day.

This week, when I gave the angel table runners, I was so blessed by the email from the winner. It really gave her a lift to win. It literally brought tears to my eyes to realize that this simple thing had touched someone. I know we are more focused on giving at this time of year and that’s a good thing. If you want to read a story that will really touch your heart, see Lysa’s post today about her mission trip to the laundromat.

Now I want to introduce you to the seven chicks who host one of the very first blogs I ever read. I’ve known several of these girls since they were teens and now they are all mothers. They are a special bunch and are doing daily give-aways right now called the 25 days of Chickmas.

May the eyes of your heart be open today to give small gifts – a smile, a word of encouragement or letting someone go in front of you in a line. It’s the little things can make a big difference. And be sure to come back tomorrow- I’ll be giving away a book!


Uncommon Blonde said...

What a beautifully written post! Love you!

sara said...

I love that post on Lysa's blog. Thanks for directing me there because I have been waiting for God to show me where he wants me to give some money I have and as I read that blog, it came to me clear as day!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you!

hlstewart said...

Thanks for the link up. Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

Greg C said...

I sure hope you aren't dissapointed with your gifts. They are very simple hand made crafts so I hope you like them. If you like you may give them to someone younger. The good news is they are on the way. :)

Cheerful said...

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