Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Quick Takes on the Friday before Christmas

I have enjoyed meeting some new women through participating in Jennifer's 7 Quick Takes. I like this way to summarize the week as well:

1. I attended a lovely Christmas party last night for the local Aglow women. It was amazing on a lot of levels. The presence of God, the love and unity, the amazing home we were in…. my heart is full.

2. After some really cold weeks, this week has been really warm and humid. The home I was in last night is right on St. Andrew’s Bay and has a glass wall that can be rolled open to the beautiful deck by the pool. There’s even a gas fireplace on the deck which they lit to take the slight chill off the night air. People commented, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas with this heat.” Yes it does.. it’s Christmas in Florida and that’s why people move here!

3. I was looking in my Bulk mail folder at yahoo for some mail I was expecting that may have been sorted to teh junk box. There were several “future” emails that had just come in dated Tuesday Dec. 23. Made me feel like I was in a time warp for a minute. Today is Friday Dec. 19th. How can I already have next Tuesday’s mail?? Weird.

4. I have gifts to wrap and even a few yet to buy but I am not at all stressed by that fact. It’s fun to be out at this time of year.

5. Our daughters are coming in tonight! I am so excited. Our son and daughter-in-law are going to be with her family on this first Christmas as a married couple, but they will be here on the 26th so I am thankful.

6. The spirit of love and unity at this time of year is a noticeable improvement over ordinary days. I was touched by Jennifer’s post titled What Child Is This? She writes from her perspective as a former atheist:

What child is this?

When I thought of the implications of the answer, I was stunned to see that it was not only the most important question I could be asking right now, but the most important question I could ever ask. I came to see that if this child was who the Christians said he was, the question of his identity was the only question that really matters.

And even though I've now found the answer, the song haunts me still, because the question it states leaves another one unspoken:

Am I living like I really believe the answer?

7. Speaking of children… I have an announcement!! I am going to be a grandmother!! How can this be at my young age? Ahem. My oldest daughter and her husband are expecting in July. Joy unspeakable, that’s what it is.


Shelly W said...

Congratulations! What a joyous Christmas you all will have!

Thanks for visiting (and commenting!) today! :)

sara said...

congrats!!!! That is so exciting!

I received the book today. Thanks so much for getting here so quickly. My mom will be here on Tuesday and I can't wait to share it with her. After she reads it, we are passing it on to a friend of my whose daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago.

Thanks again for the giveaway!!

Ballerina Girl said...

congrats Grandma to be!!!
I know what you mean about the junk folder...I already have Christmas mail!
I think i just finished my shopping, but I also love to be out this time of year...
now only if the snow would fall it would be perfect :)

Pinkshoelady said...

Will it be Nanna? Grandma? Granny? Or some other sweet name for such a wonderful Grandmother?

You are amazing!

I love you m friend..I really do!


My ADHD Me said...

What a terrific Christmas present!! A GRANDCHILD!! Congratulations to you all!!!

I'm glad your family is coming. What fun!!

As for emails dated in the future...doo do dooo do doo do dooo do (that is me humming the scary noise on tv when something odd happens...I KNOW you knew what it was but just filling in the answer for anyone else!!)


Greg C said...

Welcome to the world of Grandparenting. That will be a wonderful gift this year. I agree with all you said in this post. It isn't the gift as much as it is about the giver. I sometimes catch a few minutes of those talk showes in the afternoon as I am walking by the TV. Even though it is nice that some of the hostesses are giving away presents this time of year, I don't feel that they are from the heart. I think it is more about publicity and not about true giving. If someone is making 250 million a year and giving away a few hundred thousand it really means little to them. However if someone is struggling to make ends meet and then takes the time to bake me a few cookies, to me that is a big deal. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Merrie said...

Congratulations!!!! Your life will take on a whole new dimension that is beyond description! (you won't believe me until it happens)
I am so jealous of your warm weather. That is the one thing that I really REALLY miss - especially this time of year. We have had a week of below 30* and mostly in the teens... and the wind! ...cuts right through you like you didn't even bother to put on 14 layers to stop it!
Merry Christmas!