Thursday, December 4, 2008


I’m Grumpy, which is somewhat uncommon for me. Remember that money I told you I saved in the last week with coupon codes? It’s all gone. Plus some. Poof. For a traffic ticket. Grrrr.

Did I exceed the speed limit? Nope.
Did I do something to compromise my safety or endanger others? Nope.
Did I fail to wear by seat belt? Nope.
By golly, I had an expired tag. By 4 days, no less.
When I saw the blue lights behind me this afternoon, I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. I was informed that it’s that little yellow one inch decal with the date on it that had captured this bored officer’s attention.

I don’t know how much the ticket is going to cost yet. I came home and searched for the notification to renew that I must have overlooked and it was not to be found. I’m just frustrated.

I hoped if I blogged it out I would feel better. Can’t say that it worked, because I think I should have just gotten a warning. I did happen to see no less than 3 vehicles with expired yellow decals on my way home when I started really looking. I apparently have lots of company, but it just wasn’t my day for grace.

The only good thing I can come up with is that there have been other days when I most likely deserved a ticket and didn’t get one. Still don’t feel better.

Stay tuned for the return of Bevie Lou Who. She has been kidnapped by the Grinch.


Uncommon Blonde said...

Awwww!! You have my deepest sympathies. And I need to thank you because at this moment my husband is outside in the dark putting my new tag on my car. I paid for the new one last month but did not put it on. Maybe your ticket was my saving grace ...

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your ticket. That is frustrating when you think you are following all the rules. Sorry I missed Tuesday's Squall Line. I just figured out how to subscribe to you in a reader, so I won't miss it next time!

My ADHD Me said...

That stinks.

Would you like for me to set you up with my son for vehicle tips? Just kidding.

Good thing you saved money earlier in the week!

Barbara said...

Been there and done that, not once but twice!!! Once someone had actually stolen my sticker off my tag right after I had renewed it. And the second time, I was 4 MONTHS over due!!! And caught on the road to my grandmother's about 3 hours out of town! At that time I was told the officer MUST give me a ticket as I had now committed a felony! So as a "convicted felon" I "hid out" out my grandmother's. But alas a life on the lam was not for me. I called the judge the case had been assigned to and he asked me to send a copy of my renewal and $30 and we would call it even. So there is hope!

Edie said...

Wow, he really was bored. I'm so sorry. We don't get notifications in the mail here in TX. I moved here from CA and was very confused when I didn't get my notification. I didn't know what to do. lol. They also have a 5 day grace period here. Do they not have that where you're at? Can't you just show that you registered it now and have the ticket waived? I think you should fight it. Most cops don't want to go to court so they just don't show up and you win. Sorry, I just get upset over stuff like that.

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Shanita Waters said...

Hello... I hope you're feeling better. Whenever things like this happen to me I comfort myself in Romans 8:28 which tells us that ALL things work togther for our good. I know you're thinking how can getting a ticket be for your good? Well for instance, that cop could have help you captive while there was an accident waiting to happen or you running into someone that the Lord didn't want you to see... I dunno just thought it might help.