Friday, October 24, 2008

For Such a Time as This

Profound. Life-changing. Invigorating.
I heard a speaker this week at a business luncheon sponsored by CIBN (Christian International Business Network). The speaker finished 3 minutes after he started. No, really I think he spoke for 40 minutes but it SEEMED like 3, and he left the entire audience thirsting for more. The arrows of wisdom were flying and I couldn’t listen fast enough, much less take notes fast enough. I had never heard of Lance Wallnau, but he is an internationally-known speaker and I can assure you I won’t forget his name now. He is a man with a message.

He spoke about building the Kingdom of God on this earth. There’s much to be done and as Kingdom people, we must not be swayed by a spirit of fear in these perilous times. We have the power and authority to be the light in the midst of darkness! Whatever your appointed sphere of influence is, you can make a difference. As we see world systems topple, strongholds are being shaken, offering opportunity for the penetration of truth and integrity. Lance challenged everyone in the room to stand firm, be alert and be prepared for assignments from the King. What an exciting time to be alive!


Uncommon Blonde said...

Sounds like it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing such a positive message this morning

Merrie said...

Amen! I love it when someone hits home like that and I leave hungry and thirsty (for more Word, not food and drink!)
We all need to be reminded of these things. Fear is being proclaimed abroad in the news media... We need to proclaim hope and faith.

Edie said...

Sounds like it was great. I'm wondering if there might be something on U-Tube.

God's been presenting this topic on His assignments to me a lot lately.

My ADHD Me said...

I love the feeling you described after hearing someone like that speak.
Just the small description you gave makes me want to hear more.

Chatty Kelly said...

Now I"ll be on the look out! Thanks for sharing.

Greg C said...

I thought I commented on this post but I guess I forgot to hit send. I loved the message you gave.