Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fitness is Fun (?) Initiative

A marketing person from Reebok contacted me last week as a blogger and asked me to participate in a Webinar about their new women’s fitness initiative. I believe I was selected because they read about my wogging regimen and thought I could turn it up a notch. Or perhaps it’s because their idea of making fitness fun consists of more than sitting in the Hawaiian chair. (If haven’t seen this video clip, you MUST!) Or maybe they noticed I haven’t posted about the joy of being at my happy weight. Ahem.

I was able to join the call yesterday because I was working at my computer on a repetitive task that didn’t require my full attention...well, at least I hope it didn’t. I can say it was time well spent as I decided at the end of it that I am a slug and I got up and went for a RUN. Not a wog. Sara Haley did a good job of conveying some key points on the call. She loves to dance and teaches rebounding and all kinds of classes in New York City. (I didn’t even know what rebounding is.) She has taught in Chicago too and commented on the big difference in the fitness cultures. (Oh my- I don’t know if we even have a fitness culture in my area! LOL)

1) The best indication of a good cardio workout is that you become out of breath and sweaty. (I guess that means if you can still sing you’re not breathless. Ooops.)
2) Find music that motivates you. It can take your workout from average to amazing.
(Yep- I need some new music)
3) You have to change your workout to change your body. Your body will grow accustomed to the same movements – it is critical to vary your workout.
(Oh- no wonder my body has not changed!)
4) Fitness can and should be fun.
(I do need some help & inspiration here, no doubt.)

They referenced “The Biggest Loser” TV show as an example of the fun ways people are getting into fitness. I love that show, but it sure doesn’t look like they’re having fun to me, though they are definitely losing weight.

I have decided to add a workout video to my Christmas list but I need a fun one with good music. Is there such a thing?? Anybody know of one? I need some new shoes too. At least I can say I wear the bounce out of my cross-training shoes. I won’t mention how long that takes me. ; ) And Reebok Team, in case you’re reading this, my shoe size is 8. Thank you very much.


Gwendolyn said...

I have started walking...certainly not to wogging level yet. But I am definitly noticing that I need better shoes. Think Reebok would send me some? LOL

My ADHD Me said...

There are TONS of great workout videos out there. I could sit and watch them all day.

I'm with you. I need to move more and need more motivation!

Chatty Kelly said...

How exciting - the contact from Reebok would motivate me...although I would wonder if they were implying I was fat...or at least not fit. THE NERVE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!! :)

I had a workout video by Leslie Sanson that had Christian praise music in the background and I liked it alot. But ANY video gets boring the 200 time you've watched it. So you have to mix it up. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

Edie said...

My dog used to insist that I exercise by taking her on walks. I think she's given up. LOL.

That Hawaiian chair video is hysterical!

Merrie said...

You do know how to step on my toes! Does that count as working out? (It makes me catch my breath and sweat with pain!)
Actually those are some really good tips - none of which I do... I NEED to do them.... I really do... I should put them on my "to do" list...
does one time doing it count?

My husband bought me some nice workout shoes... it took me 10 years to throw them away - still in almost new condition! I guess that tells you how often I wore them.