Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cash Cow

I've got a really good eBay story. I’ve bought plenty at the popular auction site, but like many, for a long time I had never taken the time to figure out the selling procedure. I didn’t know how easy it would be to go through the process, but decided it was worth learning about.

What could I sell? Surely, I’m not the only one that has a stash of Christmas
gifts that just don’t quite make it out of the box. I had a figurine that I knew I’d never appreciate… it was a cow. I did some quick research and figured out where to list it and away I went. I put it up for sale in a 5 day auction for $12.95, since the other cows I saw ranged from $9.95 to $14.95. Can you imagine my surprise when the next morning I checked the auction and bidding was up to $81.00?? And then as the first day moved along, to see the bidding climb to $400. ?? I got worried at that point - thought I had misrepresented this cow and people must think it had real diamonds in it or something. I inquired of one of the bidders and she informed me that I had a discontinued collectible that was quite sought after. To summarize a very entertaining (and profitable) week, this sweet little cow sold for $810. Amazing.

So, what’s in YOUR closet?? I’m always looking for the deeper meaning in things, so bear with me for a minute. How many of us have gifts that we haven’t done anything with? Now I’m talking on a personal level. I’ve always thought one of the saddest quotes I’ve heard is , “What is the cost of dying with the music still in you?” Granted, it’s human nature to stick close within the comfort zone. But every hero in history got out of of their comfort zone! There’s a cost to getting better, but there’s a bigger cost in staying the same. So…. maybe it’s time to look in the back of your closet and see what valuables are stashed there.


Merrie said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Makes me want to run out to my garage and pull everything back inside! You should post a picture of your cow!
You have encouraged me to learn the tricks of the ebay trade!
Congratulations on your "Cash Cow"!

Nursehand said...

Oh wow! That is great that you sold it and for so much too! I agree with the previous blogger, I have to look through the house and see what I could sell! Congrats!

carolmehl said...

I sold my wedding china on Ebay. We never used it and I didn't like it anymore at all. One should not be allowed to pick out china at 21 years old. Get married? Perhaps. Choose china? Definitely not. LOL!
(I just added you to my blogroll, BTW!)

Chatty Kelly said...

excuse the pun, but HOLY COW! That is amazing! My sister sells on ebay all the time. It is literally how she makes their fun money for extras, like family trips to theme parks, etc.

And you are right about what gifts we have that we aren't using. I think of the story of the men with the "talents", and one of them buried his talents. Great story!

Edie said...

Hey Beverly! I'm gonna pay you and ADHD-Jo to sell my stuff on ebay for me. LOL!!

I used to sell on ebay but haven't done that in a long time.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

At first, I thought you were selling A REAL LIVE COW! egads....