Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Big Table

My extended family is a loud and loving bunch. I always loved the fun of big family get-togethers. Summertime brought everyone to my grandmother’s beach house in Ft. Walton Beach.
The picture at right is some of LuLu's great grand- children and their grandparents gathered on "the hill."

Whatever the occasion, our gatherings included the “Big Table”. That’s where the grown ups ate. I never set a goal to be there - it just happened. I certainly never envisioned having my own children sitting at the Big Table. But that’s what’s happened. They grew up.

I can see still see my wee ones in my mind’s eye and yet the reality is a different story. Like the energetic little boy who is now an adult preparing for his wedding.

I rejoice, for the reality is more than I hoped for. I was so concentrated on training responsible adults that would walk in love, have a strong work ethic and good manners, that I forgot to consider that they would become the very people that I love most to hang out with. Funny, caring, interesting, smart people.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to be alright with this empty nest thing. I’m not focusing on that image. We love to travel together and plan fun times as our flock grows. We have lots to look forward to. My nest might be empty but my heart is full. That’s a lot to be thankful for.


Uncommon Blonde said...

I was going to be mad at you for posting that picture but then I read your post. tear. I love you!

hlstewart said...

Oh, and when those grandbabies start coming you'll get the best of both worlds!

I swear, our parents would fight over our punkin if we would let them. :-)

Merrie said...

When my youngest left to go to college, I hurt so much! But God...He gave me such a joy and pleasure. I loved having just the two of us again.... I loved having them come home from college and for holidays. I loved getting back to just the two of us again and again. We had freedom to do things we always wanted to do.
Now, we are close to the kids and love having the grandchildren in our home regularly - and we love it when they go to THEIR home!
God's goodness fills our lives with different pleasures in different seasons.