Monday, March 10, 2008

Variety is the Spice of Life

If variety is the spice of life, then springtime in North Florida is curry and chili pepper combined. Interesting. Our temperatures can move 40 degrees either way in one day! Last week, I was soaking up sun in the 75 degree heat in the afternoon, after warming up from a frosty morning. But I simply didn’t own the right clothes to be sitting at a rodeo Sat. night in the 38 degree weather. There’s a new Equestrian Center near us that hosted their first rodeo event and I about froze. Returning home and sitting on the hearth in front of a blazing fire was the highlight of my night. I’ll have to return on a warmer evening to fully appreciate the barrel racing, bull-riding and all that fun. I don’t imagine the snow cone concession did much business this weekend.

Earlier Saturday we had gone to the Econfina creek for a cook-out. At noon, it was about 50 degrees and windy. It is amazing to me that such a pristine and beautiful area is almost in our backyard. It was very beautiful, but once again, my favored spot was by the fire. I couldn’t help but think of all the college kids that have started arriving for Spring Break at Panama City Beach (right down the road) and are pretending it is warm. That’s another amazing diversity - 40 miles can take you from country living to another world of MTV and Spring Break craziness and a day can take you into 2 seasons. Variety is the spice, layering is the fashion and adaptability is key. Such is life.


Uncommon Blonde said...

Fully appreciating barrel racing and bull-riding is something I may never come to do. LOL I do think the contrast that can be found between communities is quite interesting, especially when driving up the state.

Merrie said...

You could be talking about Oklahoma - minus the spring break crowd! We have had nice warm, beautiful weather followed by cold blowing snow only hours later! Plus the cowboys!

I miss the warmth. I miss the beach, sun, tan...
this year has been challenging and full of withdrawals - we lived directly above PC in Ga.

hlstewart said...

The weather is crazy. Throw in that I traveled to FROZEN DC, back home, and then to Orlando for a 80 degree, very humid heat wave . . . all in a two week period. I'm surprised I didn't stay sick for a month!

I always wondered why the northern states have spring break so early. I guess compared to their weather, it is warm here. No swimming for me though!

As for the difference in communities . . . I always blame it on the differences between the people who are actually from here and those who moved here. Same thing when my college classmates asked me where I was from. I would say, "right here." Where are you FROM??? :-)

hlstewart said...

Forgot to say . . .

I remember growing up that one of my aunts used to always tell us girls that we could enjoy everything from riding horses and going to the inagural ball. We needed to be comfortable doing both and everything in between. "Do both gracefully," she said. I think that is great advice.

The older I get the more I appreciate the local folksy traditions and activities. I now realize there is something to be said for cultural traditions and good clean fun like worm fiddling. O.k. Maybe not worm fiddling per se, but you get the point. :-)

That's not to say that I didn't LOVE my visit to the Kennedy Center earlier this year where I saw the American Ballet Company perform Sleeping Beauty!

"Do both gracefully."

BeverlyDru said...

Worm fiddling?? You are a hoot, Heather. What terrific advice your aunt gave. Was she from Graceville? Could be! You should post about living gracefully. With grace. From Graceville.

hlstewart said...

Ummm . . . Graceville was a nice place to work, but definately don't want to live. (sorry if anyone lives it the big city!)

I had some GREAT years working there and then some really crappy years working there.

All that to say . . . not so much on the "Grace"villle. :-)

So at this point I don't even know why I'm writing this. Probably because it is 11:35, I'm at home with no kid or hubby and can't sleep. Hope you're getting some zzzzz's.