Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Living Intentionally

I have been pondering the meaning of Intentional Living for several months now. I often catch a radio program when I am in the car in the afternoons hosted by Dr. Randy Carlson. I love how he advises people to do ONE thing to change things. (Not a list of things - ONE thing!)

An assignment with one item is do-able. I have certainly observed and experienced that feeling overwhelmed simply causes me to STOP. Productive activity comes to a halt when I yield to the feeling of being buried alive. Suffocation is not conducive to creativity.

Decisions are the doorway to change. One decision can change your life forever. That thought holds both promise and fear. I choose the promise. That’s my decision today.

Intentional living is making decisions that express your values and priorities without having to consciously ponder the right thing to do. It is a result of goals, direction and knowing who you are and what your purpose is.

Synonyms for intention are purpose, design and aim. I resolve to live intentionally. Today and everyday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, You would be right about Pensacola!:) I hope I did not offend you by what I said about it in my post.

Merrie said...

Great word! I needed that today as I am trying to do fourteen different things right now.

I will now chose ONE thing to focus on and do it and do it well!