Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can You Believe It?

I oversee customer service and marketing for a nutrition company as one of the many hats I wear. Dealing with people is always fascinating. One of this week’s chuckles came when I read an email from a guy that said, “I have not been angry for the last 52 years.” What?! Are you kidding? I am incredulous. (Okay - the truth is, I simply don't believe him. He would have to be in a coma to accomplish that!) He goes on to state a truth I do agree with …“I have come to the conclusion that there are no medicines and supplements or doctors available to cure any diseases like old age, death and fear.”

That's an interesting thought. It’s true that modern medicine has not come up with a cure for death. But I think of the message that resounds in me this Easter week. Jesus overcame death and the grave. So indeed there is a cure for death in Christ! He also revealed the cure for fear and old age and anger and…. He covered it all for us. I am incredulous, but in this case my fascination is punctuated with, “I BELIEVE!”


Merrie said...

I love the cure for death!
I had someone come to me today and say, "I hear you are working on your degree in Natural Health... ummm what can you do for sweaty feet?"
After I composed myself and bit my tongue to say "take your shoes off", I confessed that I really did not know what to do.
People have funny ideas!

Anonymous said...

Well said!! Happy Easter to you and your family!

P.S. You must be a very patient person to work in customer service!

Anonymous said...

So true. I have been missing my grandmother so much this season. She loved flowers, and my baby all dressed up, and our family reunion that is right around the corner.

I keep reminding myself of just your point here. I grieve for my missed relationship, not for her. She is in a far better place!