Saturday, March 22, 2008

It was a Good Friday!

Friday was a remarkable day. I went to Tallahassee for a wedding and it was a special day for many reasons. Weddings are holy events that speak of love, hope and joy. This one was held at 2 p.m. at Bradley's Pond in an absolutely beautiful setting. The weather smiled on the couple in a glorious way – it was sunny and 75 degrees. The people, the music, the message… it was all wonderful. I was accompanied by our son and his fiancĂ©, so that was a special bonus. The day held divine appointments.

Springtime in Tallahassee is a sight to behold. The azaleas and dogwoods are breathtaking. They bring to mind the song “Was It a Morning Like This” that says, “Did the grass sing, did the earth rejoice? ... over and over like a trumpet underground, did the earth seem to pound, He is risen.”

I just smiled as I drove around Tallahassee. That is where all of our children were born and in my mind I could here their laughter as I drove by one park where we used to go fly kites and play. I wish you a Happy Easter. May your heart find joy in this holiday of hope.


Merrie said...

I love Tallahassee in the spring! I love the dogwoods and azaleas. I miss them here. I do have a friend NAMED Azalea.

I have been to Tallahassee many times. Thanks for the smiles and memories of God's beauty and goodness.

And YES... I'm SURE it was a morning like that!

Carol said...

What a beautiful location for a wedding! Were your son and fiancee taking notes for wedding ideas? How exciting for them and for you!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I remember flying those kites! Smiles :)

A wife, a friend, and a nursing student said...

awww...I wish I could have seen you when you were here in town, maybe another time. I am glad you had a nice time here and were able to relive some memories.