Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Weight

Bet you thought I was going to tell you I am now happy with my weight. Fooled you! But I am closer in my mind, which definitely counts.

In my bloggy wanderings yesterday, I visited a site called
The ELFF Diet (Eat Less Fatty Food Diet) and was encouraged by her post on Your Happy Weight. She summarized an article from last month’s Self magazine, (which I don’t read on purpose- but that’s another blog topic). I loved this test on finding your happy weight. I was encouraged because this test revealed exactly the number as my WW goal weight. Here’s the test:

  • Step 1 - Multiply your height in inches by itself and and then that number by .031. 66 inches x 66 inches = 4356 x .031 = 135 (This is your weight at a body mass index of 22)
  • Step 2 - Multiply the number by .95 if you have a small frame, leave it unchanged if you have a medium frame, and by 1.05 if you have a large frame. (To determine your frame size, measure around your wrist. Under 5'2", small frame is less than 5.5, medium frame is 5.5 to 5.75, and large frame is more than 5.75. 5'2" to 5'5", small is less than 6, medium 6 to 6.25 and large is over 6.25. If you are over 5'5", small frame is less than 6.25, medium is 6.25 to 6.5, and large frame is more than 6.5. Whew. That's a lot of numbers!) I come up with a small frame, having a wrist measurement of 5.75. So 135 x .95 = 128
  • Step 3 - Add one pound if a sibling or parent is obese. +1 = 129
  • Step 4 - Add 2 pounds for each decade you are over age 20. +2 = 131
  • Step 5 - Add 5 pounds if you've had any children. +5 = 136
  • Step 6 - Subtract 1 pound if you exercise and weight train once a week, 2 pounds if you do it three times a week and 3 pounds for five or more days a week. - 3 = 133
  • Step 7 - Add 4 pounds if you smoked at least a pack a day for a year or more and have quit.
  • Step 8 - Add 1 pound if you allow yourself a treat now and then. +1 = 134
This number will give you your happy weight.

I have been so encouraged the last 24 hours thinking about my “happy weight” and I find this interesting. For the last two months I have been beating myself over the head and not talking politely to me about still being 4 pounds over my goal. This negative self-talk was not motivating me. I realize that I am a person who is motivated to move toward what I want, rather than away from want I don’t want. I have read that the average person is more motivated to move away from pain, than motivated to move toward pleasure. That is definitley not the case with me. This could become a deep discussion with lots of examples but I will keep it on the subject of weight today. Instead of telling myself, “you are getting fat and that is not smart and you look bad”, I have been saying, “I am happiest when I am at my ideal weight, I feel better, my clothes fit great and I am happy about that!” So simple, yet so powerful. So be happy, no matter what your weight and be polite when you talk to yourself. Life is good.


Merrie said...

What a great tool! I will do this as soon as I find my calculator!
Does this also work for men?
I'm like you, beating myself up for being "overweight".
Self talk is all important and can sure help us get to our goals!
Thanks for sharing!

Uncommon Blonde said...

What a positive way to look at it. Life is good ;)

BeverlyDru said...

This test is for women only. Men can't play. Their numbers don't compare fairly anyway! And I noticed when I copied the test from ELFF's diet site, I left her numbers in. My wrist is indeed 5.75inches giving me an average frame, but that's the only number we shared. LOL

Anonymous said...

that is pretty amazing. i especially like the 5 pounds for having a child. can we have 5 per child??? :-P

seriously though, that is is abou the weight i have in my mind that is actually attainable at this point, albeit far, far away.

how funny is it that i would have DIED in high school at that weight. i was about 30 pounds lighter. i also lifted weights, had a 3 hour running basketball prictice, followed by running (actual running, not my now jog/run pretending) 2 miles . . . EVERY DAY!

at this point i would have to quit my job to fit that much exercise in!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (again)! I loved this test because although a part of me wants to weigh what I did when I was 21, deep down I knew it was unrealistic. This proved it. Now it's time for me to get real and do something about it!