Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rainforest Adventure

My plane ticket is purchased, my passport is ready and my reservation is confirmed as I prepare to travel to the Rainforest of Panama on June 26th for training as a success coach with the Rainforest Institute.

As I’ve pondered this decision over the last several months, I’ve become excited and energized by the possibilities. When I read “The Rainforest Strategy” in January, it immediately went to the top of my list as one of my favorite business books. You can actually order this book for the cost of shipping ($6.95). Click Here

The mission of the Raniforest Institute is this:

“To distill and pass on life and business principles embedded in nature
helping people succeed in life as they reach for their dreams.”

As coaches, we will be working with the following market niches: (1) self employed, business owners and entrepreneurs, (2) managers within those enterprises (3) those employed in sales and marketing related positions and (4) those who aspire to any of the preceding.

Michael Pink is the gifted author and visionary behind the Rainforest Instsitute. His blog has been on my favorites list ever since I started reading blogs.

This is such an amazing fit for me in so many ways. One of my first jobs was at Selby Botanical Gardens, which influenced my decision to major in ornamental horticulture in college. After college, I became an entrepreneur and have never applied that information and passion. Taking the lessons from the most complex ecosystem on earth and applying them into business makes perfect sense to me.

To top it off, of all the places that Michael’s offices could be located, I was astonished to find that they are in Sarasota! How very convenient.

You can count on reading my diary of my Rainforest adventure as the time comes. I’m already lovin’ the journey.


My ADHD Me said...

This sounds SO exciting! It would be exciting for anyone but with your background and interests it will be perfect!

I am so happy for you! How long will you be there?

Greg C said...

I will look forward to reading what you write about the rain forest. Please be careful. It isn't all beauty down there.

Protege said...

This is an incredible opportunity and a wonderful adventure. It will be so exciting to hear/read your updates from such an exotic part of the world. I admire you too for actually doing something so different and daring, in a way. How long will the training last?

Ballerina Girl said...

Sounds so very interesting. I will have to read more about all of this, and look forward to hearing about your adventure!


Sylane Mack said...

Good for you, Bev! How fabulous! And how good it would be for more of us to follow God's creative lessons in how we could best work! I'm always reminding those with whom I counsel or the groups to whom I speak that work was given to us by God BEFORE sin came into the world!
I actually ordered the book, The Rainforest Strategy, for a number of reasons and for some very gifted, business people in my world.
Enjoy your prep time, your training experience and all that will flow out of that for you and many others. Love, Sylane

Rosezilla said...

Wow, very interesting indeed! I love the picture you posted. It will be interesting to read about your adventures and what you learn.

Melanie said...

Sounds cool!
'Can't wait to hear more about it.

skoots1mom said... prayers!!

Merrie said...

How exciting! I'd love to know more about it and can't wait to read of your journey.
I will check out the book1

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

This sounds tailor-made for you! I'm so excited for you, and yes, you had better keep us all updated about this adventure.

Sue J. said...

It's so amazing when God puts all the pieces together so beautifully--as if it were meant to be....imagine that!?!

Take it all in... And, of course, then you'll be prepared to share it all back. Very cool!

Edie said...

Wow this sounds fantastic! Please DO share!! I'm looking forward to reading about this adventure.