Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday – A la carte

1. One of my best friends sent me this text message this week:

“A friend knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you
when you’ve forgotten the words.”

2. I'm amazed at my good fortune at the wonderful friends that came into my life when Fireman married last August. Daughter-in-love is fabulous and her mom and I have so much in common it’s amazing. This week she was up visiting and we walked on the beach, laughed and shared thankful hearts. She recently took a trip to Dubai and it was fascinating to hear all about that. I love her!! (We even selected dresses for the wedding that were almost exactly the same style but in colors that suited each of us. Perfect!)

3. Cupcake has a mouse at her house. She was certain that it was going to come out and bite her while she slept but I assured her that it’s more scared of her than she is of it. Makes me extra-thankful that Builderman deals with any such issues around our house. I’m spoiled.

4. For several years, I have yearned for a small group of women that I could grow with and be challenged by. I recently stepped onto the Area Board of a women’s ministry that has filled that bill so well that I am in awe.

5. I’m headed to Alabama to see LouLou tomorrow. She is getting tired at 102 ½. When I hear this awesome song “Finally Home” by Mercy Me, I’m reminded that we’re pilgrims here. She’s almost home.

Enjoy the journey this weekend!


Shelly W said...

You have a good weekend too! (I still can't believe you're old enough to have married children.)

Greg C said...

I love that song. I heard it just this morning on the radio. Great photo too.

Uncommon Blonde said...

I think it's so cute that you call her daughter-in-love. Fireman is lucky to have such a great MIL too. Give LouLou my love

Protege said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful post and and a beautiful music clip.
Have a wonderful weekend.;)

skoots1mom said...

love the pic
enjoy your weekend

Mocha with Linda said...

Love this post.

Might wanna tell Cupcake about my week. She might decide a mouse isn't so bad! LOL (Although I HATE mice too. Critters in general in the house are disgusting!)

My ADHD Me said...

Every time you mention LouLou, I think of the other post you wrote about her. Such an amazing woman.

I also, tell my kids that rodents etc are more afraid of them than they are of the rodents. Meanwhile, the rodents are probably laughing their heads off while they crawl in and out of our mouths and ears while we are sleeping.....just something to think about. lol.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

As a member of a small accountability group for almost seven years now I can highly recommend it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Chatty Kelly said...

I loved your first quote. I've forgotten the words before here, and I always have friends to sing me through.

We had a mouse in our house too! I told my husband he had to catch it or we had to move...his choice. He caught it! I feel for cupcake cause even after he caught it (and I saw it go bye-bye) I was still afraid. What if he had relatives?

Sassy Granny ... said...

I love belonging to a Home Team. We are all 60-somethings, and often we women connect throughout the week to do other things. It's such fun, and definitely inspires growth.

I sure enjoyed your picture and thoughts, and the song. I often remind myself that I'm closer to the grave than I am to the cradle. It's sobering, but somehow exhilerating too.

Be blessed, and may yours be a particularly lovely weekend.


laura said...

You have blessed me by mentioning our friendship and visit on you blog. I praise God for bringing our children together and uniting our families. Your memories of LouLou and your ablity to know her journey is nearly over can be a testimony to others. I love the Mercy Me song it speaks to everyone differently. Thank you again for Tuesday. Laura

sara said...

love this song!!!

how wonderful that you are friends with your DIL's mom. I am praying for that with my boys!

tjhirst said...

"Daughter-in-love" Wow what a beautiful description of this relationship that keeps you counting your blessings instead of finding ways to resent each other as our society seems to teach us. Thanks for stopping by my website and leaving a comment. Love to get to know all my new readers since it helps me find them as writers, too.